Peak season brings exciting opportunities to increase corporate housing business revenue to many folds. However, if you are not prepared for the busy season you are likely to lose potential guests and chance to charge higher prices. From managing reservations and signing lease agreements to invoicing and maintenance tasks — every step demand efficiency to reap the benefits that come with peak season.

You need to make your temporary housing ready for the influx of guests and promote your business timely. Get to know how you can leverage technology to prep up for peak season.

Table of Contents

  • Why do you need to increase efficiency in high-demand period
  • How to prepare for peak season with smart technology
    • Multiple inventory listing in secs.
    • Gain visibility & reach potential guests with live website booking
    • Screen your guest in less than a minute
    • Give your guest their personal concierge
    • Automate and streamline day- to -day operations
    • Respond to guest queries in real-time
    • Add additional revenue source

Why do you need to increase efficiency in a high-demand period

When you are scaling, manual processes can prove to be inefficient to handle increasing tasks and guest requests. You might cut corners when it comes to maintenance tasks, routine inspections or responding to guest queries timely, or doing background checks.

Relying on smart technology helps you streamline the process and manage your rental property remotely. You can save time by automating most the routine process and focus on ways to increase revenue.

How to prepare your corporate housing business for peak season with smart technology

1. Add inventory in seconds


If you are planning to expand your corporate housing business to meet the needs of the upcoming peak season, then think of a bulk inventory listing feature. It makes the process hassle-free. From property images, amenities available, and dog run to parking details, every detail is crucial for higher occupancy. Copying and pasting new inventory details usually consume 15-25 minutes of your staff. If there are hundreds of inventories, imagine the amount of time it takes.

Temporary housing software like Zenya makes this cumbersome process simple. In the blink of an eye, you can create an identical property page from You just need to select the property and with a few clicks, you get a duplicate page created on Zenya interface. It saves time and frees your staff to attend guest’s queries.

2. Use your website to gain visibility & reach potential guests


Your website possesses great potential when it comes to interacting and reaching out to potential guests directly. Without spending dollars, you can easily promote all your properties, or highlight exclusive services and amenities. It increases visibility and accelerates occupancy rate during peak season.

As a property manager and owner, you might think of all the possibilities of setting up of live booking widget on your website. From listing properties, time to set up, and involvement of the tech team to setting rates and background checks.
Rental property management software like Zenya has simplified the process. Now you
can have your website up and ready for live booking in 5 mins.. Just a single line of code that needs to be added to your website.

3. Screen your guest in less than a minute

Peak season requires you to be quick with the guest screening process also. You can’t afford to keep your guest waiting to complete their booking. To and fro of the screening documents might result in frustrated guests.

You may think of an integrated background check which allows you to do the screening while your guests are booking the units. With Zenya, it competes in less than a sec. This not only fastens the booking process but results in satisfied customers.

4. Give your guest a personal concierge

Being available for your guests is important to build trust and take guest experience to next level. If you are manually handling all guest queries and requests, you are sure to land in hot water during the high-demand season.

One simple way is to provide your guest with a personal digital concierge. And delight your guest at every stage of their stay.

With a back pocket, the concierge gives your guests instant access to your property information, amenities, how-to guides, and local attractions — 24X7. With a few clicks, they can place maintenance or housekeeping requests or even chat with your staff on the go. You can not only save time on repetitive questions while adding extra revenue to your rental business.

5. Automate and streamline day to day operations

corporate housing business
High season witnesses an increase in operations tasks, guest requests, booking, payments tasks, and maintenance tasks. To keep up with increasing tasks, it is important to look out for ways to increase efficiency and lower workload. Automating the routine tasks, streamlines the process, removes errors, and saves time for your staff.

Most of the regular tasks from move-in to move-out can be automated. From self-check-in, e-signing lease agreement, creation of invoices, payment reminders, maintenance & inspection tasks, and surveys to move out process—everything can be put on autopilot mode.

There are tools available that allow you to automate tasks. But managing different tools and syncing the data in real-time is in itself complicated. You need to have a centralized location. With 100+ pre-built customizable workflow rules, you to create your own workflow rules in a few clicks and automate tasks from one place. Being cloud-based, you can easily manage corporate housing business properties located at multiple locations remotely.

6. Respond to guest queries in real-time

In a technology-driven era, no one likes to wait. Guests are no exception. They want everything at their fingertips. So it is crucial to respond to guest requests in real-time. It shows them a sense of being connected and available. Automated messages like self-check-in details, welcome messages, payment reminders, maintenance task completion or service requests confirmation at late night— make you available for your guest even at odd hours.

You can easily skip repetitive questions during high season which saves you time to focus on growing your business.

7. Add additional revenue sources for corporate housing business

corporate housing business
As peak season arrives, you can reach out to prospects or repeat guests with discount offers, pre-stay surveys, and updates on new amenities. Short-term software allows you to send bulk emails to your prospects from anywhere. You can avoid mail merge or manual entry and easily automate messages with pre-build message templates.

Upselling additional amenities or exclusive services adds to the bottom line. Digital concierge allows your guests to explore these additional benefits with one touch and can then and there place requests. Like if your guest require spa services or laundry services or extra parking, they can request from a personal concierge and this charge gets automatically added to the invoice.

Prep up for the upcoming peak season so that your temporary housing rental business stands out. You can consider these trending tech tools that can simplify the process and boost your occupancy rate of your rental property.

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