Task Management

Efficiently manage daily tasks of your multi-location properties remotely

Create, assign, track, and prioritize repetitive tasks right on schedule


Boost the efficiency of your rental business with Zenya’s Task Management feature

Automate tasks and save time on daily to-dos

Access & Monitor tasks on the go

Delight guests with on-time issue resolution

Remotely manage tasks from one place

Lower turnaround time with real-time task assignment

No duplicate work, No missed tasks

Property Management Software Features

Auto-schedule your recurring tasks

Skip manually scheduling tasks with task automation. Set rules based on check-in, check-out, reservation completed, and automate task creation, delegation, and scheduling. Easily create your own task workflow using 100+ pre-configured custom templates.


Create unique tasks with a task management feature

Your guest got you a unique request? Cater to this one-time request timely by manually creating a task and assigning it to the responsible staff or department.

Manage task on the go

With task management feature available on mobile app, staff can easily look for their assigned task, get alerts and update task progress. You and staff can also share photos, submit documents, add notes, checklists, images of completed tasks or do video inspection.

Calendar view of tasks

You can have a single view of tasks scheduled for that day. You can have real-time information on daily tasks, the workload of each department, and how long it takes to complete the task.

Monitor and prioritize tasks

You can track tasks from start to completion of your multi-location properties from anywhere. If there are any last-minute changes or any urgency , you can stay on top by prioritizing tasks.

Task Notifications

Without phone calls or messaging, alert your staff on every new assignment and updates existing task in real-time. Confirmation of the completed tasks automatically alerts managers.

What triggers can be set to automate task creation and assignment?

Triggers related to reservations like check-in, check-out, lease signed, background check completed, arrival or departure, reservation confirmed may be used.

Does mobile app for task management have all the task management feature?

No, mobile app only allows staff to see an assigned task to each department with all details like unit number, issue, & priority. It does not allow you to create and edit task workflow rules. Your staff can only access the task management feature.