Budget Rates

Create Central Rates
in Seconds

Assign rates to multiple units & buildings with just a few clicks

budget rates


Save Time

Skip creating budget rates for every unit of the building

Boost Efficiency

Assign rates to all the units of a building at once

Budget rates

Create Central Rate

Import government rates and apply them to selected units or entire buildings.

Real-time Synchronization

Budget rates assigned to units or buildings instantly reflect in the booking engine and guest reservation details.

How Budget Rate Works


Step1: Create Budget Rate Template

Choose rate type (e.g., Rent) and price frequency (weekly, monthly, 45 days) along with the duration. Select the city, state, and building type to tailor the template. For example, easily create a template for monthly rent rates for all B2 building type located in Boston, MA.


Step 2: Assign Rates

Click “Assign” in the budget rate template to view properties and units matching the city, state, and building combination. Check the desired box to assign the budget rate to all units of the selected building. Alternatively, assign the rate directly by going to that unit and choosing the budget rate from the dropdown menu.


Step 3: Auto-Sync

Link budget rate to guests details/reservation in real time. Navigate to the guest manager. Click on the financial section, choose the rate type (e.g., rent), and then simply check the box corresponding to the desired budget rate.

Ready to revolutionize your rate management for your rental housing business?