Unit Workflow Automation

Automates your unit workflow & set-up unit without lifting your finger.


Unit Workflow Automation Puts Every Manual Task In The Property Management Lifecycle On Automation

Saves time in setting up unit

Avoids missing steps in unit set-up  

Unit Workflow Template – Eliminates the need to create one for every new booking

Customize to suit your business needs

Zenya unit workflow automation software does all the heavy lifting for you.

Save time by choosing unit workflow template for every new reservation

Alert team and vendors

Update your team on new bookings and set up operation tasks. Once the reservation is signed, the unit workflow triggers the creation of a new task to sign a property lease or send a security deposit payment reminder to guests to hold the unit.


Set-up unit operations

Unit workflows automatically create tasks for internal teams to set up the unit a few days before the lease start date. For example, automated tasks for setting –up utilities like electricity, gas, and hot water or create tasks to set up cable, phone, or internet. Emails can also be sent to vendors to start preparing the unit like messages to furniture vendors for quotes or for review & finalization.

Set up the unit cost

Set up the unit cost

Unit cost is automatically calculated by pulling in the standard rates and costs like rent, utilities, parking cost, cable, and housekeeping from the Zenya system. You can add vacancy cost and default margins to get the total monthly cost and the minimum daily rate.


Sends Reminder

Reminders can be sent out based on the defined rule. For example, NTV  notification alerts staff that particular property is reaching the lease release.

Facilitates move-out process

Prepares the unit for move-out by sending automated messages to vendors for furniture pickup or to disconnect the cable. You can set rules on when to send the messages, for example, 30 or 15 days before the lease end date. Staff also gets automated messages to conduct a move-out inspection or remind guests to collect security deposits or send move-out statement reminders to guests 3 days after the lease end date.

Still have questions on how unit workflow works?