Effortlessly Manage Your Properties
On The Go With Zenya’s Mobile App

Stay updated of what’s happening at your rental business even when you are on holiday or check-in on other rental properties.

Saves time, enhances efficiency, & manages your properties effortlessly on the go with Mobile App!

Mobile App

You don’t have to be at your office all the time managing things on desktop. Stay updated of what happening at your rental business even when you are on holiday or check-in on other rental properties.


Carry rental management software in your back pocket 24x7 !


Meet guest expectations and resolve issues in real-time


Let your staff access all information on the go


Monitor and update any rental process from anywhere

Manage multi-location properties on the go with mobile app

Be it reservation, invoicing or operations – you can update, access or monitor rental process in real-time at the convenience of your mobile. Whether you have to assign task to team or add a charge directly or just want to reply to your guest query—you can all do this instantly. You don’t have be travel back to your office or open your laptop to connect with your guests and staff.

Access all information from anywhere

When you have all the property related information in real-time, your staff meet deadline and your guest don’t have to wait. Zenya Mobile App gets you all your guest details at one place and allow you to search guests by arrival, departure, building or company. From reservations type or owner’s share or total daily cost of any unit or wifi info – all info is at fingertips.

Connect with your guests 24x7

Meet rising expectations of your guest by providing services and resolving issues instantaneously from your mobile. See all your guests complete guest communication journey and effortlessly send custom email, reply or attach/ drop files lease agreement and so within Zenya

Keep track of your rental business

Mobile app allows you to modify reservation status, update payments terms or invoicing frequency or so simply create new reservation or change maintenance priority. Having complete control of listing and process from anywhere, enhances the efficiency of process.

Let your team know what needs to be done

Without emailing or phone call, your staff gets to know the assigned task and its deadline. You are even track the status of assigned task by department and check notifications. Furthermore, mobile app allows staff to update the progress or report any issue or communicate any information within Zenya.

Everyone in the team knows what needs to be done, without repetition or missing any deadline.

Check out Zenya Mobile App & change the way you manage your rentals!