10 Essentials for the PMS of the Future Checklist

Are you struggling with lower occupancy, reduced staff, and immense pressure to generate revenue while complying with social distancing norms? Are you juggling between multiple systems – CRM, PMS, Invoicing? Want to adopt efficient contactless communication?



Are you leveraging all the Property Management Software Features?


With COVID-19 lockdowns finally subsiding it means a lot of work for the management. How do you cope with extra work efficiently? Relying on efficient property management software is the answer. But is that enough?

Have you ever thought on which property management software features you should be looking for?

As the property management market progresses towards total digitalization and you feel like your current software is not supporting you enough, perhaps it’s time to ask if your software is future-ready. Is your PMS able to capitalize on multiple tech innovations?

Surprisingly, many property management companies are not leveraging all the property management software features and functionality available through the PMS; while some are unaware that these features exist which can help them streamline the process.

Some un-tapped features of property management system — scheduling invoices, automating charges, online payments, online lease documentation, automating move-in to move-out process, reporting capabilities, and other contactless solutions — may be exactly what managers need to strengthen their rental business. Other features like website booking, website chatting, lead tracking, and marketing capabilities can give the required boost to your rental revenue.

Property Management Software Features

That’s why we have prepared a property management software features


checklist that will help you decide:

If your PMS is ahead of the curve?

Is your PMS providing enough contactless solutions?

Is your PMS providing you with all the workflow automation capabilities?

Able to capitalize on multiple tech innovations?

Able to provide revenue-generating capabilities

Have enough real-time reporting functionality?

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Property Management Software Features