Securely share documents with anyone, anywhere.

Securely share documents

Share your documents with multiple people in secure and hassle-free way!

No data leaks throughout your sharing process

Stay secure throughout the sharing process with Zenya. Authorized viewers get a confirmation email whenever a primary or secondary signer gets a doc for signature or when they have submitted the doc after signing it. Only the authorized viewer with the decryption code can access the encrypted doc.

Securely share documents with vendors or external guests, or clients

Connect with anyone securely within Zenya or outside it. Invite them to fill & sign docs by giving access via their email.

A smart and effortless way to securely share documents in 3 simple steps

1. Document Creation

Select document from Zenya’s new document panel & make changes on the fly. Select primary signers, secondary signers & authorized viewers, and then save the document.

2. Signing document

The message is sent with the document and signer link to the primary signer who fills & submits the doc. Secondary signers also sign the doc & authorized viewer get an email confirmation for all signers. Document status shows complete along with signed document order.

3. View the document

Once an authorized viewer gets a viewer message on email, encrypted documents get automatically sent to the viewer’s email with the decryption code. On entering the code, complete document details can be viewed.

Still, have questions on the document sharing feature?