Multiple Inventory Listing In Seconds, Not Hours!

Peak season arriving or scaling to new rental markets
— inventory-listing is now a matter of few sec.

Be it building details, property images, community amenities, property services, transportation, or local attractions – you can easily showcase your inventory in a few seconds.

Don’t waste time on Cut, Copy, Paste. Not even Drag and Drop.

Just select, click and get identical property page from in seconds. All you need is to download Zenya from the chrome extension.

Simply plug Zenya’s widget into and watch your selected inventory listing up and running.

Inventory Listing


Inventory Listing

Saves Time

Saves your staff an entire day’s work of listing 20-25 properties per day during peak season.

Error Free

Have identical information under the right fields or subheads.

Streamlines Inventory listing

Increases Efficiency

Streamlines inventory listing process effortlessly.

How it works

In 3 simple steps, your inventory listing is up and running.

Set up inventory details or fields you want to showcase to your guests within Zenya.

Inventory Listing
Inventory Listing

Select and add the building from—no drag and drop. All the property images and details get auto-populated into respective fields

Boom! It gets duplicated in Zenya interface with all amenities, images, or highlights details

Inventory Listing

No Credit Card. No Download. No Strings Attached.