From booking a property to move-out, numerous guest communications take place. But often it gets unnoticed and seems to be part of the process.

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on guest communications? Do you end up answering the same questions by guests again and again? Or missed delegating a task to your staff or third-party vendor?

Ever wished you had more time to connect with guests?

Unknowingly, you might be spending 20% of your time every week sending emails that you can easily automate.

But there lies a belief that automation takes away personal touch with your guest, resulting in lowering the quality of guest experience. Automation does not replace any personalized service. It is here to help. It saves your staff’s time on routine communication which adds to the daily workload. Guests don’t have to wait for your response. Moreover, staff gets the service request on time.

Let’s make it easy and try to think through.


At booking, sending a welcome message or email is the first step in building relations but it adds to your staff workload.

Once the booking is made, sending check-in instructions and unit details in advance can be a lot more frustrating when you have to manually track guests’ arrival time. Think if there are last-minute changes in the travel plans.

When a new reservation takes place, it requires sending a to-do checklist to your housekeeping staff to schedule their work.

Every Friday you might be busy sending surveys to your guests to know their pre-stay, in-stay, or post-stay experience.

And it doesn’t limit itself to reservations, sending invoices every month or payment reminders and confirmations requires a lot of precision. A small mistake can be costly and result in payment delinquency. With automation, you don’t have to remember the exact dates of sending these messages and avoid missing any deadlines.

From delegating guest requests in real-time to sending the regular maintenance of HVAC or plumbing tasks to your staff along with tracking sounds like a lot of work. You might have nightmares when you have to handle it for multiple properties having multiple guest requests & regular maintenance tasks. Even the seasoned staff would make mistakes or fail deadlines.

Move-out is also not untouched. From security deposits related communication, letting staff know of move-out so that they can prepare of new move-in and so. All require you to communicate.

You might feel like you are getting buried under messages and emails and not to forget the burden of tracking dates.

It’s time to re-think.

Being a corporate housing owner and manager, it is crucial to be always available for your guest’s needs.

As you grow, managing guest communications can get trickier? Not only it would be a time-consuming process but can result in making mistakes or having delayed responses.

In addition, you also need to have personalized guest communication. All high touchpoints require human warmth.

What if you could communicate with your guests intelligently and promptly?

Automating your messages is the solution. You can easily save 20% of time every week by automated messages while still having customized touch points with guests.

Automation helps to streamline your operation, improves guest communications, and keeps your staff updated in real-time.

Furthermore, it frees up your staff to deliver a better guest experience. While you can automate the simple and repetitive questions, it is still important to anticipate the guest’s needs. Regular communications like check-in details, welcome messages, or sending an invoice to the guest, or assigning work orders–can not only be automated but also save time for your staff. Freeing staff from regular communications gives them an opportunity to talk to guests about their specific needs.

 During the pandemic, automation became even more important when your rental business worked on lean staff. Multiple properties mean managing multiple guests. It’s is impossible to answer different guests having different questions simultaneously. Someone always has to wait. But by automating your message you can lower your staff response time.

In Zenya, you can pick from 100+ message templates or customize them like the welcome email or check-in instructions. You can then decide when you want it to send to your guests by defining the trigger event and creating your own workflow. For example, payment reminder 5 days before the due date or lease expiration & renewal email to be sent 10 days before lease completion.

You can easily create workflows and schedule your work order messages. No tracking or monitoring of your calendar is needed.

guest communications

You can have automated messages at almost every stage of the guest journey.

Automating and simplifying communication with guests and your staff

No missed communication

Streamlines operations and lowers staff overload

Lowers the risk of human errors

Modernized guest experience

Improves customer service

Lowers staff response time

Save staff  time on simple repetitive questions

Zenya, a short-term rental property management software , provides different features with which you can automate guests – staff communication.

Management Dashboard

Zenya management dashboard allows you to manage & track communications with staff and guests from anywhere. Managers and owners who manage multiple properties can have a single view of all communication from one place, no juggling of systems is required.

You can make use of message templates or customize and automate it by creating workflows for various operational processes. Be it booking confirmations, check-in instructions, welcome messages, sending invoices and reminders, or housekeeping checklist or just a new work order on move-in — all these messages get triggered on completion of pre-defined task completion without any hassles.

guest communications

Mobile concierge for guest communications

Zenya mobile concierge allows guests to access amenities and place requests with few clicks. They have to just select the preferred option. Automated messages goes out to the concerned department. It saves time on phone calls or writing emails & messages.

Your guests can receive payments reminders or any notifications like lease expiration or survey form via mobile concierge. You do not need to send follow messages and reminders every time.
In addition, the mobile concierge has all the necessary information like parking or pet information or stay details or videos on how to set a wi-fi password. Avoiding to & fro regular communication.

Mobile App for communicating with staff

Through this app, different departments like housekeeping, maintenance receives updates on new tasks. Once the task is completed, an automated message goes out to the guest or the manager. It not only saves time but also streamlines operations and creates transparency.

In addition to this, staff can also directly communicate with the guests or manager and apprise them of the current status of any service requests.

guest communications

Automated Booking
& Contactless-check-in

Zenya’s Live website booking widget automates, streamlines, and simplifies the complete booking process from booking to check-in. With a few clicks, you can search properties, look out for amenities, make payments, and e-sign lease agreements. No phone calls or email is required. Once the booking is done, a thank you email with booking confirmation is sent to guests. For example, 3 days before the arrival date, an automated check-in email/ SMS goes out with a link verifying their identity and payment details and requiring a signed lease document. Front desk staff is also notified with auto-message on guest arrival time.

Why not automate your routine guest communications with pre-built templates when you can save 2-3 hours daily. That’s why multi-property managers of the short-term rental market rely on automation.

With Zenya, automated messages can be configured in a few clicks.

It’s that simple.

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