Have a quick view of all the properties & units

Access key information instantly with custom dashboard

Single View of All Properties

Get a high level view of what’s happening in the business. Access all properties and units within selected time frames such as week, month, or 45 days. Instantly view active and vacant units, associated guests, upcoming arrivals, and units on notice with just a glance.

Custom Dashboard

Tailor your dashboard to display the information that matters most to you. Easily filter by market, property, or city, and save your preferred view for convenient access. For instance, create sales, operations, or housekeeping dashboards to access relevant information on a daily basis, ultimately saving your team valuable time.

Get a Snapshot of Guest Details Directly from the Dashboard

View the guest’s name, reservation start and end dates, number of nights, and confirmation number without navigating away. Customize the information displayed in the pop-up window by clicking on the colored bar on the dashboard. This allows you to access specific reservations quickly and add any necessary details.

Have a Quick Glance of Units

Utilize colored bars on the dashboard featuring icons to highlight critical information such as utility end dates, furniture pick dates, message sent time, invoice payment status, or overdue invoices. Stay informed and never miss important dates again.

Get All Units Closest To The Search Location

Enter the location in the search bar, and it will display all units closest to that location.

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