Maximize Occupancy and Revenue with Zenya’s Inventory Management 


Say goodbye to flat pricing or under-pricing your furnished rental property.

Now set rates in bulk for multiple properties in real-time. Accelerate occupancy rate & maximize profits using multiple rates and discount deals using Zenya’s inventory management.

Managing rates is labor-intensive and requires to be adjusted based on length of the stay, occupancy level, high or low season, etc. Manually updating the rates in real-time is a time-consuming and error-prone process.

It gets trickier to update bulk rates for the same rate type like housekeeping, rent rate, and parking rate within a defined time frame. It takes a lot of admin time if you wish to see all rates in a single market on one screen.

inventory management

Save time and efficiently manage rates with Zenya’s Inventory Management

Managing your inventory pricing at the property and portfolio level gets faster and more transparent with Zenya inventory and revenue management functionality.

Easily create rate strategy, discount rules, and update bulk rates of your rental inventories with few clicks. On a single screen, you can view the rates by building, unit type, rate type, or length of stay. And update bulk rates & offer multiple discounts without errors which get distributed seamlessly to your direct booking website.

Take manual work out of updating inventory pricing with 3 simple steps


Set Discount Rule

Based on market conditions or availability, design a discount structure. Create a discount template based on start and end date and offer a % discount or set a flat fee rate.

inventory management


Showcase Properties In One Place

Go to the rate section and create a rate filter based on start and end date, rate type, room type, price type, and building level. Based on filter settings, all buildings and units within a one-time frame or rate type or city, etc. get shown on one single screen.

inventory management


Link It To The Property

Select properties and bulk assign rates, and discount rules to all the selected properties. You can also get to know the building with missed rates. All the rates get reflected in the booking widget in real-time.

inventory management