Effortlessly manage your daily tasks with smart automation and focus more on scaling your short-term rental business.

Click and create your own automation workflow with 100+ configurable & customizable rules


Streamline and automate almost every process of short term rental business

Automated Communications

1. Automated Communications

Automate repetitive messages at every stage of the guest journey.

Just set a trigger and create a sequence of custom messages to be sent via SMS or email.

Save time on creating & sending messages like welcome messages, check-in details, surveys, payment reminders, sending invoices, or so.

Also, keep your staff and vendors informed & alerted via email or SMS on new housekeeping tasks, routine maintenance, or any move-out, or so.

2. Task Management Automation

Automate the creation of tasks for multi- location properties from anywhere. Or create manual tasks. These tasks are automatically assigned to the concerned department or staff. With Zenya, you can also prioritize & track the progress of these tasks.

Skip sending tasks manually and improve response time.

Task Management Automation
Unit Workflow Management

3. Unit Workflow Management

From setting up monthly rent or parking costs or utilities required to plan an inspection – manually preparing a unit can consume most of the productive work. You can easily set up units spread across multiple locations with workflow automation. Automate every task in the property management lifecycle with the help of pre-configured customizable rules and templates.

4. Invoicing and Charge Automation

Maximize your revenue by streamlining your invoicing & payment collection process. When a reservation is made, invoices are automatically generated. All charges are added to the invoice automatically and reconciled into Quickbooks. You just need to set invoicing frequency, payment frequency, payment type and so. Based on payment rules for each listing, guests and payees are automatically charged at each billing cycle.

Invoicing and Charge Automation

5. Automatically Adjust Prices & Update Bulk Rates

Why have a flat rate throughout the year? Zenya allows adjusting rates automatically based on length of the stay, occupancy level, and high or low season. All the rates get automatically updated in the booking engine in real-time. Maximize revenue with ease by creating rate strategy and discount rules.

6. Automate Reporting

Create, customize, & automate unlimited reports with Zenya’s built-in reporting tool. Get the reports at the most granular level with 30+ parameters and reporting template.
Be it rent roll report or occupancy report, or charge report or owner report —- automate reports with few taps.

property management reports

7. Streamline On-boarding Processes

Automate on-boarding process from start to finish. Save staff time on repetitive questions with automated confirmation messages, self-check-in messages, and automated digital concierge messages. You can prepare the unit in advance by knowing guest preferences with an automated pre-arrival survey form. Guest don’t have to wait at the front desk to get the check-in details or wait to get property details over the phone.

All the guest details automatically get stored in the software. With automation, make your own marketing list and encourage repeat guests with discount offers or new amenities.


How much time it takes to create workflow rules?

Zenya has 100+ pre-configurable & customizable automation workflow rules & templates for most of the reservation, operations, finance, and move-out process. Automate with just a few clicks, just select the workflow rule and set the trigger.

How much time you save with automation tool?

Zenya’s automation tools have helped property managers save 20-30 hours a week. It automates 90 % of the routine tasks with easy-to-implement workflow rules. It has helped property managers keep a work-life balance by eliminating extra work and helped them to focus on growing their business.

Let Zenya automation software do the heavy-lifting for you!