Custom Owner Statements
for Each Unit

Create & Share Owner Statements
in Minutes!

Financial Transparency

Offering essential information on the financial health of the rental property, ensuring owners are well-informed and confident in their investment.


Track Your Expenses

Manage income and expenses with ease, and monitor cash flow for each unit to maintain financial control and transparency.

Efficient Custom Owner Statement Creation

Easily generate custom owner statements every month for each unit, streamlining the process. Automatically populate details such as owner’s name, profit share, minimum balance, and lease start and end dates for selected units, saving you valuable time.

Unit-wise Management of Owner Statements

Enjoy the flexibility of selecting charges and expenses to include in each unit’s owner statement. Customize and control the level of detail you share to meet each owner’s specific needs.

Effortless Owner Statement Sharing

Share owner statements instantly from the Zenya platform using pre-configured message templates. Owners gain access to comprehensive details including revenue, expenses for the month, previous end deposit, and unit balance credits during a specified time period.

Access Owner Statements in One Place

View the complete list of generated owner statements for each unit and easily send reports to owners with just one click. Provide property owners with clear reports detailing monthly revenues for each property.

Ready to streamline your communications
with owners and excel your property management?