Hotel Property Management System

An integrated mobile hotel property management system that automates guest-staff communication, modernizes guest experience, streamlines operations, and drives revenue.

All from one place!

hotel property management system

Zenya’s hotel property management system provides everything you need to run your hotel business smoothly

Ease of Operations

Smart automation that boosts productivity & enhances guest engagement.

Ease of Profitability

Inventory management & automated upsell opportunities

Ease Of Communication

Automated guest-staff communication from any device and from anywhere.

Ease of Connectivity

Integrates with open API and seamlessly connects with popular apps

Ease of Getting Started

Installs remotely with no hardware cost, no maintenance cost, and no support cost

Fast, flexible, easy-to-use hotel property management system that seamlessly connects guests, staff, & operators.

hotel property management system

Smart Automation

Streamline hotel operation and work-life balance with 100+ pre-configurable and customizable workflow templates. Automate your daily communication or survey forms via Email, SMS, or APP across the entire guest journey.

Automate hotel operations like routine task assignments – be it cleaning tasks, or amenities requests from guests, hotel staff automatically gets an alert of the new task along with a confirmation message sent to guests.

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Customizable Guest Concierge

Let your guests request room service, room upgrades, pre-check-in, next stay request– all from one place with few clicks. Get instant info on stay details, hotel amenities, local attractions, pet stores, right on their phone.

No downloads and works on any device.

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hotel property management system

Task Management

Boost efficiency and save time by managing tasks on the go. Create, track, and prioritize tasks from one place. With the calendar view dashboard, you can also track tasks, messages, & important dates.

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Contactless Check-in

Automate & reduce check-in time by 50%. Guests get the flexibility to check-in from anywhere, anytime while the staff prepares for upcoming arrivals more efficiently.

See in Action How Check-in Process Gets Quicker And Easier With Zenya!

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hotel property management system

Real-time Reporting

Get reports that matter most for your hotel business in a few clicks like the upcoming week’s pre-arrival report, departure report of the next 5 days or daily arrival & departure report, high balance report, manager report and so. Schedule your report with just a few taps.


Real-time Feedback

Automate and get guests’ real-time feedback throughout the duration of their stay. Encourage guests to share their positive feedback on TripAdvisor, Twitter or Facebook, etc with just a single click.


Create your own chat groups with specific members or an entire department.
Choose whom you want to give access to view, add, and manage the groups.


How does Zenya handle multiple properties?

You can access multiple properties from Zenya management portal. It allows you to access properties details, guest communication journey, assign task, automate routine processes– all from one place. You can easily switch multiple properties with few clicks.

Does Zenya charge extra for live support?

No! There is no support cost and it is included in the package.

Does it allows anytime, anywhere access?

Cloud-based Zenya Hotel Management Software allows you access communicate with guests, assign tasks to guest from anywhere, anytime. Guest can raise requests via guest concierge from anywhere. You just need to have internet connection, login and password.

Can Zenya track repeat guests?

Yes, any lead info once entered in Zenya, gets stored in it. Only the status changes from arrival, checked-out, in house, in progress, new lead, on notice. You can track guest by guest’s first name, or last name, or their confirmation number.

How Zenya keeps a check on unauthorized access to our data?
It adds an additional layer of security to the login process via 2-factor authentication &  effectively blocks unauthorized access to the software.

No Credit Card. No Download. No Strings Attached.