For corporate housing rental providers and property management companies, managing properties remotely presents a potential boost to cash flow and profits. However, it also introduces significant challenges.

Managing properties remotely entails encountering familiar challenges associated with rental property management, but with an added layer of complexity due to the absence of physical presence to address immediate needs. Yet, the growing focus on remote property management is driven by its potential to enhance efficiency and transparency in operations.

Whether you own properties in distant cities or are expanding your portfolio to new markets, necessitating the management of multiple remote properties, a robust remote property management system is essential.

Benefits of managing properties remotely

Embracing remote management of corporate housing rentals brings a myriad of advantages, from eliminating location constraints and time restrictions for your team to offering flexible working hours and 24/7 accessibility for guest requests

Manage properties from anywhere
With innovative rental housing software such as Zenya, you can efficiently oversee your properties from anywhere – whether it’s from the comfort of your home or while you’re on vacation

Flexible working hours for staff
In addition to the freedom to choose your work location, you also enjoy the flexibility of setting unique working hours. This grants you the opportunity to allocate more time to your family, friends, and personal well-being. It’s essential to establish effective systems to ensure seamless operations even during your absence.

Cost Savings
Managing properties remotely can lead to significant cost reductions, such as eliminating expenses related to office spaces, travel, and on-site staff requirements. By avoiding these additional costs, rental owners can capitalize on increased savings opportunities.

Strategies and tools to efficiently manage properties remotely!

1. Automate routine work

Is your team dedicating extensive hours to repetitive tasks that could easily be automated? If so, the strategic implementation of automation becomes crucial for streamlining processes, cutting costs, and elevating the overall customer experience.

Automate routine work

With the right property management software, you can effortlessly automate day-to-day operations, spanning from unit bookings to move-out processes, resulting in significant time savings. Automation seamlessly integrates into the guest journey, handling tasks such as reservations, guest arrivals, communication, task management, invoicing, and move-outs.
However, it’s essential to monitor that your team isn’t spending excessive time configuring workflow rules or training for automation.

Imagine the possibilities if your marketing, finance, or operations teams could redirect their focus from creating workflows to delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Zenya property management software simplifies this transition, allowing you to create customized workflow rules with just a few clicks. With over 100 configurable rules and customizable message templates, you can automate up to 90% of routine tasks in short-term rentals, providing your staff with more time to concentrate on business growth.

2. Gain valuable business insights through detailed reports

As property management companies and owners, generating detailed reports are not unfamiliar. It not only provides transparency but also help analyse your business performance. While it’s possible to manually create accurate spreadsheets, think of the considerable time spent in producing each of these reports. Furthermore, the occurrence of errors could potentially undermine the trust of property owners.

real-time reporting

Managing a few properties manually is feasible, but when dealing with multi-location properties, the need for automation in creating and scheduling reports becomes imperative—whether they are operational, financial, or occupancy reports.

Zenya, our rental property management software, simplifies the process of creating and scheduling reports through its extensive library of over 30 reporting templates. You can access crucial reports with few clicks, promoting transparency, and, more importantly, optimizing time efficiency.

3. Encourage more bookings with custom offers and rates

Effectively managing multiple properties necessitates for increased property visibility and maximizing occupancy rates. While many turn to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) for an easy solution, relying solely on them comes with its own set of challenges. Not only does it mean giving away a substantial portion of your revenue (20-30%), but changing OTA policies and limited communication with future guests can lead to complications.

booking engine

Dedicating additional time to your business is essential to ensure that your rates and availability remain up to date, preventing any risk of overbooking.

With Zenya’s Booking Engine, you can take control of your direct booking process, from listing properties and marketing units to managing guest background checks and enhancing overall guest experiences. The result? A streamlined, efficient process that reduces booking time from days to just minutes, all while avoiding third-party commissions and fostering stronger connections through direct guest interactions.

By eliminating the need for manual entry booking, email exchanges, and price setting, Zenya’s booking engine offers guests the convenience of viewing live room availability and rates along with the option to make online payments.  You no longer face the risk of losing bookings to delays or the need to inform guests that their desired room is no longer available.

4. Enhance your guest experience

Effectively managing multiple properties involves constant communication with guests, addressing their needs in real time. However, juggling numerous properties may lead to delays in responding to guest queries and requests.

Elevate the guest experience to the next level by implementing automation for routine communication, ensuring timely and personalized interactions. It allows for the seamless delivery of property details, check-in instructions, in-stay surveys, or payment reminders. By establishing specific criteria triggers, these messages can be sent, saving your staff considerable administrative time and providing more opportunities for meaningful engagement.

You also have the option to empower your guests access to comprehensive information through a personalized guest concierge. Provide your guests the flexibility to self-check-in from any location, choose their preferred arrival time, and assist your staff in preparing for their arrival ahead of time. Deliver thorough self-check-in instructions within the concierge, including key retrieval directions along with transportation details, unit images, appliance usage guides, videos, and more.

5. Efficiently manage daily tasks from anywhere

As you expand your property portfolio across multiple locations, manually overseeing tasks can diminish your efficiency and result in escalating labor costs. Whether you aim to ensure the upkeep of your rentals after each checkout or delegate tasks to your team to fulfill guest requests, implementing a sophisticated property management system is essential.

However, it’s crucial to be discerning about the features of your rental housing management software. Ensure that it can automatically schedule recurring tasks, create tasks remotely, manage tasks on-the-go, and allow for the monetization and prioritization of tasks from any location. Some software even provides a dashboard where you can conveniently view tasks for all properties on a single screen, along with a calendar view of tasks.

6. Manage all guest communication from one central location

Effectively handling communication with guests across various platforms—prior to, during, and after their stay—can be a daunting task. As you host more guests, the challenge of navigating through different systems to respond to emails, SMS, and app messages becomes increasingly time-consuming. This not only eats into valuable time but also raises the risk of overlooked messages or delayed responses, potentially leading to guest dissatisfaction.

automated guest communication

The solution lies in centralizing all communication, eliminating the need to juggle multiple systems. For instance, Zenya’s Unified Inbox consolidates all communication from various sources into a single platform. By sidestepping the hassle of logging into multiple platforms, you can effortlessly check and respond to guest emails, SMS, and app messages all in one place.

7. Save time with e-signature & secure your document sharing

Say goodbye to delays in your documentation process caused by the tedious tasks of manual emailing, scanning, and uploading documents for guest signatures.

Now, you can reclaim valuable time by opting for a faster and more secure solution.

Expedite the agreement-signing process with Zenya’s e-signature feature, enabling you to have documents filled out and electronically signed from any location. With a simple click, documents are automatically sent to guests, who can conveniently sign them using any device.

Moreover, experience the ease of sharing your documents with multiple individuals in a secure and efficient manner. Zenya ensures a hassle-free sharing process with no risk of data leaks. Whether you’re sharing documents with vendors, external guests, or clients, rest assured that your document-sharing experience remains secure throughout.

8. Simplify and secure payment process

When managing properties remotely, a reliable and secure payment solution is essential. Your payment process should offer convenience to guests, ensuring a secure and protected payment gateway. It is crucial that the solution is mobile-friendly, allowing guests to make payments seamlessly from their devices.

simplify payment process

Additionally, the integration with popular payment gateways such as Stripe and Worldnet enhances the versatility of your payment system, providing a trusted and efficient platform for both property managers and guests. Prioritizing these features ensures a streamlined and secure financial transaction experience across your property management operations.

Stay ahead of the curve with Zenya: The Ultimate All-in-One Property Management Software for Remote Management

In the competitive landscape, having an all-in-one rental property management software is essential for staying ahead. Zenya, a cloud-based solution, empowers property managers and owners to optimize revenue, cut operational costs, and elevate guest experiences—all through a unified platform. Offering over 100 pre-configurable and customizable workflow rules, Zenya covers every aspect of property management, from inquiry to payment processing, addressing challenges that arise in managing multiple properties. Discover how Zenya can efficiently manage properties from anywhere by clicking here.

Equip yourself with the right tools for seamless remote property management and watch your business grow.

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