Automate up to 90% of Short-Term Rentals Routine Tasks

property management software

Do you keep your guests waiting to book units at busy hours while you answer another guest's queries?


How do you schedule maintenance across multiple properties with lean staff?


Do you have to manually add any incidental charges, check the invoice due date from spreadsheet before manually sending an invoice to guests?

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Streamline your process with simple property management automation with Zenya, property management software.

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With over 100 thousand units with 1million guest serves, Zenya property management software automated up to 90% of your short- term rental routine tasks.

From unit bookings to move-out, you can easily automate the day-to-day tasks— and save hundreds of hours in the process.

Think, if your marketing or finance or operations team didn’t have to spend days or weeks in creating workflows trying to deliver that guest experience.

With Zenya property management software, you can create your own workflow rule with a few clicks. Just select from 100 + configurable and customizable rules, message templates and set the trigger.

You do not have to spend hours training your staff.

Automates Almost Everything That Is Required To Manage Your Property: 

property management software