Corporate housing is a dynamic market. No matter what city you are based in, a property manager’s job is to attract more corporate clients, book more continuous nights, and impress each guest with the quality of their stay. There is constant pressure to improve your guest experiences and lower operational costs in order to stand out from your competitors.

If your goal is more solid booking , you need maximum visibility. SEO strategies can play a vital role in gaining that visibility through organic search results that appear exactly when your future clients need your services the most. You need to have a website that ranks above your competitors when your clients are searching for corporate housing in your region. But achieving that level of property management SEO take time and expertise.

Overcoming the Time Demands of Property Management SEO

Corporate housing property managers are always busy managing their furnished rental business. There is no cap for your working hours. However, the quality of your SEO also depends on the hours you can dedicate to the effort. For small businesses with only a few units, learning how to optimize your property management SEO can help you get ahead and start to grow on your own. For larger operations with many units to manage understanding SEO can help you choose the right outsourcing partner by learning to recognize their expertise and the advantages that an agency has to offer.

There are tons of resources available online. But you can follow leading websites like Ahrefs, Semrush which covers all the content in depth. Today, we’d like to offer a few expert pointers for SEO from a property management perspective to help grow your business and empower your marketing choices.

1) Make Your Website More Responsive

First and foremost, you need a property management website that performs like a finely tuned machine. It needs to be fast, beautiful, dynamic, and mobile-responsive. Google has been increasing how it prioritizes websites that offer a superior customer experience, which puts ever-more focus on website performance.

Fast Load Time

Use optimization tools and design to make sure your website loads fast. Websites that load within 1 second have a 3-times higher conversion rate that websites with a 5-second load time. For this, you want a website built on a platform and with tools designed to fly. WordPress is a favored method for a streamlined website design with dozens of high-end optimization tools at the ready.

Consider guests looking for a “2 bedroom extended stay apartment in Aspen”. There will be competition and your leads will probably check out multiple options. If your website loads slowly, guests will quickly choose a competitor’s website even if your properties are superior. Google bots will also detect that bounce rate and will rank your website lower because the user experience was not ideal.

Easy Website Navigation

Websites should not only load fast but also be easy to navigate. A well-listed inventory with clear amenity details gives your guests more reason to stay and peruse your options. Especially when it comes to corporate housing, your clients are not just one-time guests but companies with broader travel arrangements to make. If your inventory is easy to explore with beautiful layouts and sortable by amenities, you can win business for not just one stay, but many. With an easy-to-use booking engine on the website, chances are high that website visitors with turn into guests.

With Zenya, you can create identical property pages from in seconds. No need to cut, copy, and paste. Just a click will populate the selected details onto your Zenya inventory listing interface.

2) Identify Niche Keywords for Each Property

The next step is keyword research. Great property management SEO is rooted in connecting keywords in your content with the search terms that your clients use when they need your services. When it comes to property management, that means claiming keywords associated with room features, locations, and amenities. But your real powerhouse keywords will focus on niche terms that help you rise above all other local competition.

Think of what prospects will search for when seeking your corporate housing services on Google. When you type terms like “Affordable 3-bedroom furnished apartments for rent in Aspen” in google , you will get to know a few other most searched ideas from Google auto-filling suggestions.

Property Management Seo

It can also be entered into your Google Business Profile’s keyword planner tool. This will tell you what keywords your competitors are ranking and bidding for. Create a Google sheet and download all the keywords, then sort it based on “searches in a month” and competition.

Property Management Seo

Focus on One Keyword Per Niche

Once you start narrowing down keywords, focus on just one niche keyword that will help you stand out. Something like “Pet friendly” or “with a pool” will help you jump to the top should a lead search for “Pet friendly apartment with a pool for rent in New York”.

Use your niche keywords in your H1 title tag on the home page. Back it up with property photographs (with matching metadata) and use them throughout your website. You can even use an AI tool to make this go faster.

Make Specific Landing Pages

This doesn’t mean you need to leave your high search volume and competitive keywords behind. Searches like “Apartment for rent in New York” or “homes for rent in Chicago” are still highly valuable and match your listings. You can pick your top 10-15 keywords and create specific landing pages for each one. These will become your landing pages for specific property types that are frequently searched for, and honing the property management SEO on each individual page will help you beat the competition.

For example, you might have an individual page for each “Home Rental in Miami” ,”Apartments for Rent in Miami” and “Condo Rental in Miami” which will attract different corporate housing clients.

3) Become a Resource Hub for Your Guests and Client Businesses

You don’t need a landing page for every single keyword. Here is where your blog comes into play. Writing blog posts is not just about evergreen keyword integration. You can turn your blog into a valuable resource hub for guests and client businesses by writing about what matters most to them.

Property Management Seo

Not only will your content be rich with natural SEO and search terms, but your clients will come to know and trust your brand as transparent, friendly, and informative when all their questions are answered through well-structured and easily-navigated blog posts. This will lead to higher conversions and better customer relationships right off the bat.

In fact, many brands turn their blogs into information centres. Top 3 SERP results for every keyword search will give you inspiration for your next blog articles. Try to give useful information about your properties, and other information your guests want to know. You can use Surfer SEO for ideas and how to integrate specific keywords, and even tips on how many images & keywords to use.
Be sure to post consistently, and consider outsourcing if you don’t have a ton of time to focus on writing.

4) Hone Your Public Relations Strategy

Your website will also need quality backlinks from other websites with high domain authority. This means websites with good reputations and lots of traffic. These backlinks will give your website credibility and create paths back to your properties for new leads who frequent those websites. You can increase your exposure and backlink network by conducting external press releases. PR agencies will pick up your press releases as news if your updates are noteworthy. Then Google will start to send backlinks to your website through the news network.

 If you are outsourcing, be vigilant and cross-check whether backlinks are from valuable websites, as this can effect your website reputation.

There are many positive ways to build a link network, but also many negative ways. Focus on providing valuable content through press releases, guest posts, and engaging infographics. The best way to get backlinks is as a guest contributor to other sites. As a property manager, you can write informative articles on partner websites with a followable link back to your property management sites.

You can also register your business on HARO (help a reporter out). Here, journalists look for quotes that cover a wide range of topics and specializations. Try to cover all available queries and pitches. Chances are that a few will get picked up and quoted/linked in future news articles.

5) How to Boost Your Sales from Google Leads

Once you have built a strong framework for your property management SEO strategy, you will start to see results. But how do you hone these results and win more conversions from them through an ever-higher Google SERP ranking?

Clear Call to Action

First, make sure that you give your search engine visitors clear direction on what to do. Provide a clear call-to-action both at the top and bottom of each page. If a guest is coming to your website, consider the first think you would like them to do. Is it schedule a call, send an email, or book directly through your website? Provide easy buttons at the top, bottom, and/or sidebar of your landing and blog pages.

Zenya CRM

You can also boost your corporate housing sales through the Zenya CRM. The right CRM can capture leads from email, chat, or phone and bring them into a single platform. Here, your sales team can nurture your leads further and develop business relationships with companies that can result in booking after booking.
An appealing design can be integrated into optimized landing pages so customers are inclined to sign up immediately.

Use Google Analytics

Lastly, you can hone your results using Google Analytics. Google provides a useful toolkit that gives you insights into how each individual page and SEO strategy is working, along with ideas for how to improve.
You can get a fair idea of how much traffic your website is receiving through organic SEO efforts. You can see which pages are performing best vs which pages have a high bounce-rate, and identify where your content can be improved.

Optimize Your Property Management SEO Results with Zenya

Once you achieve SEO ranking, let Zenya do the heavy lifting for you. Our corporate housing management software can automate daily tasks, speed up direct online booking, and help you focus on scaling your corporate housing business for even greater success.