Single Integrated CRM

Create leads profile automatically and bring them into a single system

Manage, track, & build better relationships with leads all from one platform.

integrated CRM

How single Integrated CRM gives you a competitive edge over your competitors

Get the most out of the lead with Zenya’s single Integrated CRM

No Missed Leads

No Duplicate Entries

Access and Track Leads from One Place

Facilitates Automation of Every Step of the Guest Journey

Increase Efficiency and Transparency

Strengthen Guest Loyalty

Get the most out of the lead with Zenya’s single Integrated CRM

integrated CRM

Create guest profile automatically

Zenya built-in CRM automatically captures leads from multi-channel like chat, form, and email. Avoids any lead leakage by creating guest profile with details like email address, phone, company name, lead status, etc. Any booking made by the guest is associated & featured under the guest profile. Zenya also collects details of additional guests.

integrated CRM

Central Repository

Guest profile is the central repository of bill start and end date, invoice frequency, associated building details, NTV, responsible person email id, account payable details, and so.

integrated CRM

Access & track leads on the go

Zenya cloud-based software allows you to access leads and track information on the go. It allows searching lead information based on attributes like name, confirmation number, or so.

Build your customer loyalty with integrated email management

Contact your lead from anywhere, anytime. Send sales quotes, and relevant information, or promote new amenities within Zenya. Just select the email template, click, and send an email to your guests.


Built-in CRM syncs with other apps you use like email platforms, accounting platforms like Quickbooks, or payment gateways like Stripe.

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