Our History

The story of Zenya is one rooted in the rich heritage of hospitality and a vision to transform guest experiences. Our journey began with a profound inspiration from the ancient Greek concept of “xenia” – a term that encapsulates the ideals of hospitality, generosity, and warmth extended to those who find themselves far from home.


Founded in 2014, Zenya emerged as a beacon of innovation in the rapidly evolving landscape of hospitality. Zenya started serving a rapidly growing community of hotels that envision a future in guest-centric culture.

Central to our story is our visionary founder, Jesal Sangani, a luminary in the hotel industry with a wealth of experience spanning over two decades. His deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies led to a crucial realization that traditional methods of gathering feedback through platforms like TripAdvisor and Satisfaction Surveys were reactive measures, providing insights after the fact. This sparked the idea for Zenya – to proactively shape guest experiences and drive guest-centric culture.

Zenya’s journey is characterized by 3Es—Experience, Efficiency, and Ecosystem. Its mission is to provide property managers and owners with a single, flexible software platform that revolutionizes the rental industry, from lead to payment and beyond. As our journey continues, we strive to amplify property manager’s and owners’ profitability and success.