Corporate Housing Software

Single integrated corporate housing management solution streamlines & manages your daily operations with smart automation and delivers a memorable guest experience from inquiry to move-out.

Make your temporary housing business profitable with easy-to-use

corporate housing software features

corporate housing software

Booking Engine

Decrease live booking time to 5 minutes with live search & availability, custom rate, integrated background check, digital lease agreement…

Inventory Listing

Inventory Listing

Get multiple rental inventory listings in a few seconds — not hours! Select, click & get an identical property page from

Automated Invoicing


Automated invoice processing from charge posting, invoice creation and scheduling, and tax calculation to reconciliation to Quickbooks.

Automation Engine

Automation Engine

Automate most of the reservation, operations, & finance process with 100+ configurable & customizable workflow rules.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Manage multi-location properties on the go & access info from anywhere. Connect with guests 24x7 & keep track of rental properties.

Mobile Guest Concierge

Mobile Guest Concierge

Customized digital concierge allows guests to access information & request anything at their fingertips. Improves guest experience & eliminates repetitive tasks.

Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox

Centralize and manage all guest communications. Reply to guest emails sent from outlook, Gmail, or attach documents from Zenya inbox.

Unit Workflow

Unit Workflow

Create unit workflow and automate every communication, task allocation, and reminder.Track tasks progress in real-time.

Task Management

Task Management

Lower turnaround time by automating creation & assigning of task. Track all multi-location tasks from single dashboard, instant task delegation, issue resolution, more.


Single integrated CRM

Single Integrated CRM

Bring in all the leads automatically into a single system. Avoid duplicate entries or manually entering data into an excel sheet. With stored guest details, easily promote your property for increased direct booking.

Self- Check-ins

Self Check-ins

Contactless check-in simplifies the pre-arrival process and reduces check-in time by 50%.

automated payment processing


Maximize collections by automating payment collection for stay or add-ons service, automating payment reminders or notifications, and keeping track of payments.

Seamless Integrations

Seamless integration

Integrates with emailing platforms, accounting & payment systems like Quickbooks, Stripe, more.

inventory management

Inventory management

Boost more booking by creating rate strategy, and discount rules, with ease. Automate & update bulk rates of your rental inventories with few clicks.

real-time reporting

Reporting tools

Monitor every stage of your rental with the built-in reporting tool. Customize, automate and schedule your reports in real-time

Listen To Lee Carney, General Manager, Spokane Housing on how Zenya increased their ROI within a month. 

Corporate Housing Software

Why Zenya?


Zenya’s  corporate housing software integrates with most of your existing software like Quickbooks, Stripe, or so. It not only makes the data migration simple but also saves time training your staff. Live training, step-by-step documents, 100+ pre-built customizable rules, message templates, and designs, fastening the implementation process.

corporate housing software

24x7 Customer support

Our Customer support team assist you around the clock through email or phone or over zoom call. Dedicated customer support staff understands your requirements & challenges and helps in easy set-up.


Which corporate housing processes can be automated with Zenya?

From reservations, operations, and finance processes to move out, Zenya’s short-term rental management software allows you to automate 90% of the regular task.

It automates guest-staff communication and allows you to stay connected with your guests 24X7. You can instantly reply to the guest query or capture survey feedback or customer forms, across various messaging platforms like Email, SMS, or the APP itself.

From unit bookings to move-out, you can automate creating, scheduling, and delegation of the task to the right department across multi-location properties. It also automates invoice creation, and charge posting by calculating the right taxes along with the payment collection process.

You can maximize your revenue during peak rental season also. You can set the rate rules like discounts based on length of stay,and market demand which automatically gets reflected in real-time for live website booking.

You can save hundreds of hours and focus on scaling your business.
With 100+ custom and pre-configurable workflow rules, and message templates, you can set triggers and automate the process. It is simple to use and doesn’t require intensive training.

How do I know Zenya corporate housing software is the right fit for my business?

First, identify which all routine processes take most of your time and are necessary for day–to–day operations. You will get to know what to look for in your rental software.

Zenya’s turnkey solution saves 30+ hours per week, lowers 2-3 employee costs, and boosts revenue by increasing efficiency to two-folds. You can have your direct website booking with background check in under 5 minutes, puts 90% of routine tasks on autopilot, reduces payment processing per invoice to 2 mins, centralizes guest communication, and manages tasks on the go. You can add new inventories listed on Zenya in secs, easily adjust rates, & upload bulk rates automatically. And get to know how your business is doing with the built-in reporting tool.

How much does Zenya’s short-term rental property management software cost?

You can have custom packages to suit your business needs. Talk to our Zenya team to get the right package and pricing for your corporate housing business.

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