Monitor every stage of your rental business – reservation, finance, or operations in real-time-reporting

Customize, automate and schedule your reports that meet your business needs with Zenya

  Grow your rental business with Zenya’s real-time reporting tool


Multi-level reporting

From unit to portfolio level or from manager to owner level, you get the reports in the most granular level using the 40+ parameters to choose from. Make informed business decisions and efficiently manage your rental property.


Boost productivity with easy to create report

Now get a clear picture of every process of the rental business lifecycle- reservations, tasks, operations, invoicing, etc. using 30+ reporting templates. All the vital information is accessible in just a few clicks.


Increase your business transparency by sharing reports with ease

Keep your owner and investors informed on rental business performance and increase transparency. Be it owner’s report or lease expiration reports or missed invoices report, you can share the real-time report with your team or owners in one click.


Streamline operations with real-time reporting

Zenya’s built-in reporting tools give you instant access to all the data in real-time in a user-friendly format. You don’t have to manually pull data from multiple platforms like CRM, Quickbooks, etc. to create a report.

How real-time reporting tools help your rental business

  • Create reports with a popular property management report template in real-time
  • Customize reports to your business needs
  • Never miss a report -automate & schedule report
  • Notify the team of any new report
  • Share as a template or as a report with team members & owners
  • Download & export to PDF, Excel, HTML, or CSV in one click.
  • Visualize reports in various forms like pie chart, bar graph
  • Add comments or highlight certain sections

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