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Save 20 Hours Weekly:
Simplify Invoicing and Payments
with One Platform

Join our demo session on simplifying invoicing and payments

As guest increases, managing invoicing for multiple properties demands lot of administrative time. Creating customized invoices with diverse content, calculating taxes, tracking add-on charges such as guests purchasing additional services, and managing invoice dates as guests extend or cancel their stays—resulting in increased workload and complexity.

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manage rentals from one platform

Manage more doors, add more bookings, and work less – from one platform!

Join our demo session on managing rentals

Losing dollars using free tools & disconnected systems? Is your current software stopping you to maximize rental income? Or manually managing your rental business has limited your business growth?
Working with small budget, without a team or with limited staff — does not mean you can’t scale to full extent.

You can save time, lower cost, efficiently manage multiple properties from one platform and still earn more.

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Automate up to 90% of Short-Term Rentals Routine Tasks

Join our Live Demo on Automation

With over 100 thousand units with 1million guest serves, Zenya property management software automated up to 90% of your short- term rental routine tasks.

From unit bookings to move-out, you can easily automate the day-to-day tasks— and save hundreds of hours in the process.

Think, if your marketing or finance or operations team didn’t have to spend days or weeks in creating workflows trying to deliver that guest experience.

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Demo Session on Direct Website Reservation Functionality

Join our demo session of the Direct Website Reservation and help your corporate housing guests reach the exact rental in few clicks.

Zenya’s live reservation management software helps you avoid commission, shorten the sales cycle and frees your staff to focus on your guest’s experience.

Help your guests reach the exact rental in few clicks with Zenya’s Live Website Reservation Widget.

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Manage & Maximize Collections Within Minutes by Automated Invoice Processing and Guest Payments

Join our demo session on automated invoice processing.

Managing collections for your rental property often seems to be daunting task. Late payments, guest demanding extra time to pay, chasing guests for payments & bounced checks might steal your productive work-hours. Additionally, as your business scale, it gets cumbersome to manually create, track, and send a large number of invoices error-free and on-time.

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Demo Session on Direct Website Booking with custom rates & background check

Join our Live Demo on Direct Website Booking 

Can’t think of live website booking in less than 5 minutes?
Let your guests experience live search, live availability, custom rates, background check, digital lease agreements, online payment– hassle free, in just few minutes with direct website booking.

Save on OTA fees & with few clicks manage direct booking websites of multi-properties.

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Free Your Staff’s workload by 20% on guest communication

Join our Free Live Demo Sesson

  • Save 12 Hours Weekly
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Enhance Guest Communications

If your staff feeling overwhelmed due to the continuous influx of repetitive guest inquiries, messages, and calls, they may have limited opportunities to grow your portfolio and scale your operations.

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