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As a property manager, your job is full of day-to-day responsibilities — increasing revenue, showing properties to keeping units in good shape. Of all the responsibilities, the least talked about job responsibility is generating property manager’s reports. Have you ever thought about how many reports you create each month and how much time you invested in them?

Despite being time-consuming & essential for your business to make informed decisions, it often gets forgotten. On the flip side, guests never get to look at these reports neither these reports affect the way you operate as a host. It is put on the back burner and often considered to be done in the off-season or when you have time.

What if you can create these tedious reports without lifting your finger? Property management software which comes with in-built reporting tools gives you the option to create, customize and automate reports in no time.

Why does your PMS need to have built-in reporting tools

Property management software with built-in reporting tools allows you to automatically create custom reports on guests, properties, and more. It stores all the information in the cloud and gives you instant access to all the data. You don’t need a cabinet to store the documents and can be easily searched, regenerated, and duplicated.


In no time, you can create all types of reports like rent roll report, or property performance report or owners report or so.

In a blink of an eye, you get a snapshot of occupancy rates, income & expenses statements, and other vital property information. With sorted, organized and handy data, you get meaningful insights into propertie’s performance on various parameters like income, guest satisfaction, and occupancy. You can make the best financial decision for your business. For example, if you get to know which rental property is mostly vacant you can look out for alternative ways to market your listings, revise the pricing strategy, and roll out offers and discounts.

How do these built-in reporting tools work?

Generating a timely and consistent property management reports is essential to analyze how you’re doing on the ground and where to make significant improvements.

Zenya has a built-in reporting tool that creates the most popular reports in a few clicks. With these advanced tools, you can build reports on every aspect rental business.


You can select from categories like reservations, units, invoices, tasks and pick further subcategories. You can easily see guest arrivals, tasks completed, invoices due for payment, how much revenue is generated from each rental property and so. These tools store intricate details like check-in time, guest email address, invoice sent date and due date, rates, payments terms, and more. You can skip manually filling these details and save more time for your guests.

Zenya also allows you to customize these reports to suit your needs, payments terms, agreement terms, or any key issues you want in the report.

You can easily create templates, edit, and re-use it for creating future reports in just a few clicks. These mobile- friendly reporting tools allow you to aggregate, sort, filter, share reports from anywhere. You can easily schedule reports on preferred date and time like weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. And never miss a deadline to send a report to your owner.

You can download and export it to PDF, Excel, HTML, or CSV format. You can have these reports in your preferred forms like pie charts, bar graphs or so.

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