Manage & Maximize Collections Within Minutes by Automated Invoice Processing and Guest Payments

automated invoice processing

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Managing collections for your rental property often seems to be daunting task. Late payments, guest demanding extra time to pay, chasing guests for payments & bounced checks might steal your productive work-hours. Additionally, as your business scale, it gets cumbersome to manually create, track, and send a large number of invoices error-free and on-time.

Let’s face it, it’s impossible to scale for growth with manual invoicing and payment processes. What if you find an easier, flexible, and streamlined way to manage invoicing process?

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Zenya allows you to:

  • Automatically create, schedule, and send invoice
  • Automatically calculates correct taxes based on length of stay and local regulation 
  • No lost charge as charges get automatically added to a specific invoice
  • Choose from invoice templates and save time on data entry and invoice creation
  • Guests can be charged automatically at each billing cycle with saved credit card
  • All invoices are automatically reconciled to accounting systems like quickbooks
  • Send payment reminders, notifications or payment confirmation messages automatically
  • Get tax breakdown report in your inbox at the end of every month
automated invoice processing

Join our Demo on automated invoice processing

Whenever a reservation is made, lease signed, a trigger is generated to create invoice. Charges type, frequency, payment mode, payee name auto populates based on your preference.

Zenya Further Adds Simplicity To Invoicing Process


Create and show all invoices at once for separate properties or buildings, or lease units


Get single invoice for each payee with all the charges related to buildings or occupancy level or unit level

Reports like consolidated charge , invoice report, etc. is created on monthly/weekly and sent automatically to you

Invoice schedule window which has all schedule details — start and end date of invoice; next charge date, charge type, base price and estimated price

All the rules set by you gets automatically copied for every guest of a specific customer


Automated invoice processing gets easier and simpler with Zenya

Set your preferences–billing cycle, frequency, payment mode, base price


Automatically sets pre-configurable workflow rule that triggers invoicing process s


All preferences auto populatEs for a specific payee


Charge or invoice report is created and sent for confirmation


All charges automatically add to an invoice


Invoices automatically gets created on billing date with payable taxes


Charges and invoices get added to quickbooks 


Invoices are automatically sent to customer


Customer pays the Invoice


Get tax report with detail breakdown at end of the month


All invoices automatically reconcile with accounting systems