The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it the need to redefine hospitality. Notably, the hospitality industry was the first to be negatively impacted by the pandemic. Even worse, industry leaders estimate that the industry will probably be the last to recover. This is especially since guests and business travelers are now only tentatively returning to their business travel schedules. Still, providing an immersive elevated guest experience via PMS technology remains the goal for anyone in the hospitality industry, especially for property owners offering corporate housing.

Coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns have taken a significant toll on the corporate housing industry. Strict restrictions were placed on travel and stay-at-home orders, which led to a sharp decline in occupancies and revenues. This is especially since there are unique facets to the corporate housing industry that expose it to struggles similar, and to some extend more severe, than those experienced by hotels and other hospitality providers. Travel industry experts estimate that business travel-oriented lodging might continue to shoulder higher costs due to safety precautions.

In this backdrop, how then can you exceed guest expectations post-COVID-19, ensuring that your corporate housing units have a renewed reputation of safety, especially as it pertains to coronavirus?

How PMS Technology Is Helping Re-imagine the Post-Pandemic Corporate Housing Sector

New needs in the post-pandemic world, especially as it pertains to social distancing and cleanliness, necessitate the shift into fully integrated, tech-enabled, and connected facilities. Specifically, there is a need for PMS technology that help with providing corporate housing that meets the safety requirements without compromising the quality of stay.

Zenya is the best property management technology available in the market at present. The platform seeks to help property owners curve a guest-centric culture. On the platform, you can have:


Online Reservation System

As a corporate housing provider, you have to make room for the unprecedented requirements brought about by COVID-19. Specifically, you require reservation management software that meets the demands of the post-pandemic guest.

Zenya provides a cloud-based website booking widget that is user-friendly, flexible, and allows guests to book their preferred units easily. Specifically, guests are privy to a live showcase of available units and their pricing and optional services and amenities offered. With a few clicks, guests can choose the exact rental they want without downloading or printing anything. Overall, guests can select which rental unit best meets their needs, can fill out their applications on the website, review and sign the agreements online, and pay the needed amounts within minutes.


Conduct Contactless Check-Ins

Post-pandemic, you want to regain your guests’ confidence by offering alternatives to physical front desk check-ins. Contactless check-in is a functionality that enables your corporate-housing guests to bypass the usual check-in process and do it using their mobile devices.

By reducing the contact between you and your staff with the guests, you significantly reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Besides, this is in adherence to government health and safety guidelines as it pertains to social distancing.

Contactless check-in expedites the onboarding experience ensuring that the customer has a seamless pre-booking and post-booking experience.

Zenya’s touchless check-in features ensure that guests have their check-in information sent to their emails and mobile devices. They can quickly scan or take a photo of their identification and payment form. Additionally, the registration and agreement documents can be downloaded, e-signed, and returned through a cryptically secured site. Finally, guests can get access to the room key and location, all without ever getting in contact with you or your staff.


Personalized Guest Portal

Zenya’s guest portal gives your guests the flexibility to submit service requests, pay monthly charges, e-sign, or have complete information of their stay details and amenities available. It allows instant response anytime and anywhere using a browser or mobile app, making administration more straightforward for you.


Automate Task Delivery and Schedules

As a corporate housing provider, you want a property management automation platform that does the heavy lifting for you. This is in consideration of the increasing to-do lists, which might require the repetition of manual processes, including delegating tasks to staff, manually creating and sending invoices, collecting rent & sending payment reminders; printing, scanning and emailing lease documents back and forth.

This tasks can often be ineffective and not scalable when you have to deal with large numbers. This exposes your business to unnecessary risks.

Zenya makes it possible to automate your payment collection, leasing process, task creation, and sending out messages and reminders. Additionally, the Zenya automation engine has a catalog of pre-defined 100+ rules available to you with a single click. Using these should give you greater transparency, visibility, and accountability.


Obtain Guest Feedbacks and Conduct Post-Stay Marketing Using PMS Technology

Zenya provides you and your guests automated communication before, during, and after their stay. Both parties have text, email, and chat functionalities ensuring that they can communicate throughout. As a property owner, you can automate configurable messages to engage with your guests as often as needed.

As a means to help you recover from a poor guest experience, customers can leave potential issues for you to solve on the platform, thus allowing you to stay free of negative online reviews. This can be done using the concierge application, where these guests can leave you feedback. Notably, the platform provides you with a single click share functionality in which your guests can easily share their positive stay experiences on HomeAway,, Linkedin, and other social media platforms.

2020 brought with it lockdowns, new cleaning protocols, and increased government regulations that threaten the survival of the hospitality industry. The current COVID-19 restrictions have accelerated the need for technological solutions that enable providers to provide quality and safe corporate housing. PMS technology have to support basic admin tasks, as well as help guests, personalize their stay. Zenya offers you configurable automation to meet your needs and a connected ecosystem where you can easily manage your corporate housing needs. Besides, you can easily embark on post-stay marketing strategies, including communicating new offers, deals, or amenities to your client base over email, thus increasing the prospects of a repeat stay. Visit our website and let us help you make sustainable profits and increase your bookings post-pandemic.

Zenya’s complete system offers many features such as contactless solution, customizable workflows for automating various routine tasks, website booking and marketing opportunities, automating charges, scheduling invoices, customizable reporting, and integration with several software solutions, and data export capabilities.

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