Faster & Safer Contactless Check-in Experience from Anywhere at Any-time

What started as a buzzword, contactless check-in has created a new demand as rental operators look for new ways to simplify stays. Accelerated by the pandemic, incorporating touchless registration not only helped providers adhere to government health and safety guidelines by limiting in-person contact it greatly restored the traveler confidence.


Contactless check-in can expedite your short-term rental recovery rate and create a seamless pre-book to post-book experience for your guest.

Zenya’s touchless check-in feature
makes it even faster, more secure, and super-easy


Check-in information through a link is sent to their email and/or mobile phone


The guest can scan or take a photo of their identification and payment form


The registration and agreement documents are downloaded, e-signed and returned through a cryptically-secured site


Guest gains access to room key and location

You need to stay on top of how contactless check-in technology is quickly going mainstream and providing a lot of fantastic, measurable benefits.


Reduce Time and Paperwork

Guest can complete their registration ahead of time at their convenience. Your property can prepare for upcoming arrivals more efficiently from receiving confirmations through Zenya; as well as benefit from the reduction in cancellations or no-shows which improves the property’s profitability.



Your guest’s information is encrypted and access is limited to property staff only. Payment information is never stored in Zenya assuring the guest their confidential information will never be compromised by staff or others. Management has greater control over system integrity and more accurate data.


Improves Guest Satisfaction

Reducing queues at the front desk eliminates the need for a physical check-in. A greater experience is felt by both staff and guest reducing the risk of exposure to all.


Super Simple

With just clicking a link guests can start the virtual registration process. No application download is required.


Drives Revenue

Contactless check-ins provide information about guests. This data can be used to build email lists, send promotions, reward guests with exclusive offers, or inform them of new amenities or activities added to the property. Ultimately increasing guest loyalty which guarantees more stays and more revenue.

Zenya’s complete system offers many features such as contactless solution, customizable workflows for automating various routine tasks, website booking and marketing opportunities, automating charges, scheduling invoices, customizable reporting, and integration with several software solutions, and data export capabilities.

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