Automate Your Temporary Housing Operation With Pre-Defined 100+ Automation Rule

Does your workday consist of juggling applications, websites, and spreadsheets?

In that case, you might be facing frequent errors, countless hours on mundane repetitive tasks, lower productivity and transparency. Manual processes are often inefficient processes; impossible to track on a larger scale; neither scalable nor repeatable and can expose your business to unnecessary risks.

That’s why temporary housing providers are looking for ways to automate — payment collection, leasing process, task creation, and notification, sending messages and reminders, sending surveys, and so.
View your rental business through the lens of Zenya’s automation engine.

Zenya Automation helps you lower operation costs, eliminate errors, and scale your business by automating multiple workflows for sales, operations, and finance teams by deploying a catalog of pre-defined 100+ automation rules with a single click.

It also allows you to create your own automation sequence based on your requirements for greater transparency, visibility, and accountability. From the move-out to receiving the keys, keep your team and vendors informed with real-time notifications and self-service guest management.

Automate everything that is required by your temporary housing business:


Facilitates Guest On-Boarding Experience

If a guest fulfills the lease criteria, a lease agreement is directly sent to the guest to sign. Zenya can automatically send a thank you message to the guest once they sign. If a guest did not fill out the agreement within 24 hours, a reminder message can be sent. Various automation sequences can be created to customize your messages, set interval times and triggers.

Automate Payment Collection Process & Improve Delinquency Rates

From online rental payment to payment reminders, Zenya’s workflow engine has everything covered. It saves man-hours as your staff doesn’t have to remember payment due dates. You can automate the process around the guest lease start date and create rules for due dates. Whether its notifications for payment or non-payment, you can automate the process so that guests receive alerts and stay connected.

Leads to Move-In Automation

Engaging and managing your prospects is now possible with a simple click, leading to more conversions. Interact with leads starting from the day they find your property online till their move-in day. You can automate offers, discounts, and other fantastic deals at specific time intervals or based on their actions. You would never miss a lead with Zenya!


Guest Requests and Task Assignments:

Guest’s requests such as housekeeping, leaking tap..etc placed via online concierge can be automated. The request can be set as a trigger and a task is created for a staff member with an automated confirmation message sent to the guest.


Skip Your Calendar: Automate Routine Maintenance

Be it inspecting smoke alarms or furnace servicing you can automate all regular maintenance. Zenya allows you to generate tasks for your vendors or in-house staff based on triggers you set. This eliminates any delays in regular service tasks enhancing guest satisfaction. Our system identifies any upcoming move-outs and automatically alerts vendors or maintenance crew to turn over the unit for the next guest.


Automate Your Charges

No charges or invoices will be missed and timely payments are ensured by setting rules and creating custom invoices based on each guest. Any and all incidental charges are also created and directly billed to that guest.


Lease Expiration & Renewal Automation Sequence

Are your lease renewal reminders falling through the cracks?  Now you can automate the pre-renewal process at 30-60-90-days or so, sending notices through Zenya automation engine. You also have an opportunity to strengthen your retention policies by sharing various offers, benefits, and lease concession schemes along with pre-renewal notices. 

Zenya’s complete system offers many features such as contactless solution, customizable workflows for automating various routine tasks, website booking and marketing opportunities, automating charges, scheduling invoices, customizable reporting, and integration with several software solutions, and data export capabilities.

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