Being a property manager, it is important to streamline and have full control of guest communication. Without the right tool, it  can cost your team’s time and resources. On the other hand, with the right technology, it gets easier to boost productivity and enhance guest communication. That’s why Zenya automated messaging workflow automates regular interaction with guests with a push of a button. It delivers timely responses to your guests without your staff looking into the excel sheet when to send messages.

But to get the full potential of these automated messaging workflows, you need to optimize these workflows. In this blog post, you will discover, how you can automate messages the right way and areas that benefit from automated messages workflow.

Why do you need automated messaging workflows?

Automated messages send the right message at right time. It eliminates repetitive tasks like sending property location, check-in details or lease documents. It helps staff save time on repetitive communication and avoids keeping track of when to send these messages.

But before finalizing workflow, it is important to consider communication should not be too heavy or low. It should not feel like a machine.

With custom messages, you can send personalized messages to your guest instantaneously. The guest feels that they are connected 24x7 and win the trust of your guests.

How to use automated messaging the right way

Creating messages for different stages of the guest journey is not enough.To create an effective messaging workflow, you need to build a strategy to decide how many messages you need to send to each guest. It depends on the length of stay. Longer the stay, you will have more time to interact with your guests. No of the messages is also determined by the stage of the guest journey.

1. First you need to define the timelines like before check-in, during the stay, & after check-out.

2. Then decide how you would like to communicate, the type of message you want to send before entering the property, and what process you need to create to get the guest info. For example, during pre-stay of the guest stay, you can decide that 3 days before arrival, check-in details should be sent to guests. Or during mid-stay, you can set rules like invoices should be sent 10 days before the due date and payment reminders should be sent 2 days before the due date.

3. Once you decide the timelines for communication, you can have different workflows for different guests and scenarios.

Key areas you can benefit from automated messaging workflow

You can utilize these automated messages to have regular communication with guests or communicate to prevent fraud or just upsell services.

Regular communication

Regular communication like check-in instructions, booking confirmation, welcome messages, mid-stay survey or so impacts guest experience to a great extent.

Standard messages which you send should be such that it answers all the guest queries at that stage of guest journey. It eliminates the need to interact with staff for repetitive query. It also saves time for your staff and guests. It is equally important to send these messages at the right time. You should send messages neither too early nor too late.

For example, messages having check-in instructions should be sent with the link to concierge where they can request amenities and services or access all the property info. Check-in instructions should be sent 3-5 days prior to arrival, not before that.


automated messaging

Different guest have their own unique requirements. That’s why it’s important to consider all possible scenarios like when to check with guests for any upsell services like extra parking or laundry services. Or what extra information you can send with booking confirmation message or so.

Creating custom messages for guests leads to satisfied guests. With the help of message template, you can easily create custom messages in few clicks.

Fraud prevention

Other than regular communication, communication that is required to prevent fraud can also be automated. Automated messages like payment submission, check-in form completion, rental agreement signature, and any verification process- saves your business from potential fraud hassles.


Automated messages can also be used to upsell services and take guest experience to next level.

Upselling services like mid-stay cleaning, airport pick up, late checkout, cooking assistant or so can bring in constant revenue to your rental business. A guest gets delighted and chances of leaving a positive review for your temporary housing business are quite high.

 Length of stay has a big role when it comes to creating a workflow. Zenya simplifies the automated communication process with its pre-configured and customizable workflow templates. It offers an automated message template and helps you tailor your message. Easily manage the guest communication journey with Zenya.