Are you taking direct bookings without a booking engine? If so, then you already know the downsides of a slow, manual booking process. In the absence of booking software for rentals, guests ask about rooms and dates that are no longer available, and may find other accommodations or book through an OTA by the time you can answer their initial email inquiry.

Without a booking engine, you can’t have real-time booking, real-time unit availability, or adaptive prices. Guests won’t be able to close the deal the moment they fall in love with your property, and you can easily lose valuable bookings in the time in-between.

With the Zenya booking engine, you can manage and control every step of your direct booking process, from listing properties and marketing units to streamlined guest background checks and even guest experience management. Zenya reduces booking time from 1-2 days of email-tag to just 5 minutes, avoiding commissions from third-party booking sites and forming a stronger with direct guest interactions.

Shorten the Booking Process with Real-Time Availability

A short booking process is essential for winning each booking as soon as guests are ready to commit. Guests will book immediately if they can see exactly which rooms and dates are available and automatically complete their booking process with just a few clicks. A longer booking process will make you lose potential guests. They are surfing your competitor’s website to compare prices or amenities while waiting to hear from you on available units.

A booking engine allows you to keep real-time availability, showing guests the suites and exact dates available so guests can start building their trip from the moment they fall in love with your photos and amenities list. Without picking up the phone, guests can book units instantly looking at real-time unit availability and prices.

Corporate housing software like Zenya also allows your guests to conduct property searches by location, unit type, or date and review buildings, and amenities including pictures. They can book instantly or offline with a request to book. And easily share the selected unit details with your friends or family members

Booking software for rentals also allows online payments and quick background checks that make it possible to close the deal immediately, with guests feeling satisfied at “catching” a great opportunity.

When a guest books, their room, and dates will immediately be updated in the engine so there is both no delay and no risk of the next guest asking for unavailable options.

Protect Your Properties with Instant Guest Background Checks

With some properties, conducting a guest background check is essential. For corporate housing stays, background checks ensure that you are entrusting your beautiful rental properties to guests who have no history of bad behaviour. Manual background checks can take 2-3 days and you never want to have to cancel a guest’s booking because of a background check result. With Zenya, integrated background checks take as little as 5 minutes before you know your guests better and can protect your property from fraud, chargebacks, and known troublemakers.

booking software for rentals

Your booking system can be configured to perform real-time background checks based on each customer’s profile using details like their SSN, DOB, and address entered during the booking process.

In addition, you can guide guests digitally by signing a lease agreement that completely prevents the hassle of downloads or printing.

Encourage More Bookings with Custom Offers and Rates

Your pricing strategy plays a vital role in both profitability and attracting guests to valuable stay opportunities. You want your rooms to be neither over-priced nor -underpriced, offering that perfect balance of demand-price value and value to your guests. For setting the right ADR, corporate housing business should always use dynamic pricing in order to accommodate for seasonality, peak seasons, local market demand, availability of the listings, days of the week, and days before arrival.

Zenya’s direct booking software for rentals allows you to apply custom rates including discounted rates and custom quotes that ensures increase corporate housing revenue while encouraging more bookings with price-savvy guests.

The Zenya inventory management feature allows you to set rates, update bulk rates for similar properties, or set discount rules with just a few clicks. This caters to the constantly changing expectations of the hospitality market.

Communicate with Potential Guests with Ease

Are you still manually sending emails or making phone calls to potential guests for sending pre-arrival details or welcome message? You can cut through the chaos by automating regular messages at every stage of the booking process.

Say goodbye to manual emails, because your booking engine can start the guest-welcoming process as soon as a booking is complete. Zenya’s automation feature allows guests to receive pre-arrival check-in link for online registration & CC authorization over email followed by welcome message you set up to help them prepare for their stay. All through automation.

booking software for rentals

Streamline Your Direct Booking with the Zenya Booking Engine

The booking engine of Zenya rental management software is easy to set up. It eliminates the need for manual entry booking, manual email exchanges, and manual price setting all in one. With an instant booking engine, guests will be able to see the exact rooms and rates available and book immediately with online payments so you never again risk losing a booking to delays or having to tell guests that their desired room is no longer available.

Save time with a quick and easy setup, increase your profits by 20%-50% by communicating with your guests directly. Win back bookings from OTAs, avoid commissions, and gain an edge over your competition with one valuable upgrade to your direct booking process.

Contact us today for a free demo to explore how Zenya can boost corporate housing companies bottom line by taking direct booking experience to next level.