Running a corporate housing business means going above and beyond to keep things running smoothly. It’s easy to say it theoretically, but things take a different turn when doing it practically. This is especially true when you consider how you communicate with your guests and employees.

Having to rely on one-way communications via phone calls, text messages, or emails can be an energy-sapping endeavor. The same also goes for your employees who get to deal with manual data entry tasks, as they can sometimes show up with errors and result in lost time.

What you end up with is a generic, or sometimes basement level guest experience, which can lead to customer frustration and dissatisfaction. The great thing is, you can improve on these metrics by incorporating  guest-centric corporate housing software into your workplace.

The Opportunity to Improve Corporate Housing Operations

Running a corporate housing business does not mean you are immune to the problems known to bedevil other types of housing solutions. The appliances in houses will still break or stop functioning, and one or a few things will go awry around the house.

The problem is further amplified when you are managing multiple units. Unlike hotel rooms where you can conduct maintenance a few minutes after a guest leaves, guests of corporate housing will spend weeks or even months on the property.



You need to have an excellent communication flow with your guests. It is not just enough to rely on phone calls, text messages, or emails. If you are facing a busy schedule, it can be easy to forget people are waiting for a response from you.

What this means is, whenever the guests make maintenance requests, you can easily forget as you are handling a lot. Setting updates for a vendors to come fix the problem can also become quite an issue. Without proper communication, you will have to work hard to find a date that suits both the vendor and the guests.

Additionally, there is the issue of payment. Manually reminding guests of payments can be a time-consuming task, especially where financial records are in a poor state. Finances are the backbone of your business, and blowing them up means messing up your business.

Why Mobile Guest-Centric Property Management Software Is the Preferred Solution for You

Ease of Access

One important quality of a property management system like Zenya is that it allows you to customize the guest portal. You can have all the options you think would make your properties stand out on this portal. If a visitor can check-in without having to go through someone, imagine how popular this feature will be with your guests.


Also, they will be able to see what amenities you have available and make bookings for themselves. If they have requests that need to be fulfilled, the system is capable of handling all that.

Perhaps the most important bit for your guests is staying clear of the front desk. They can fulfill their requirements, such as payments entirely on the system. The self-service aspect allows guests to experience a deeper level of interaction with your business.

Ease of Connectivity

The most frustrating thing for guests is when they require something from staff and have to wait, or not even get through to someone for help. Zenya’s property management system offers real-time communication capabilities, around the clock. In this way, you bridge the communication gap. 

guest communications

Now, you can process guest requests from any quite corner or show any new amenities to your guests remotely. Moreover, you can also access all the key operations and analytic trends right from your mobile.

Ease of Operations

Getting work done around the property means having to assign tasks to your staff. You can easily accomplish that with a property management system, and even track the progress of the said tasks. When staff are assigned tasks, they are notified, and can respond via mobile concierge from wherever they are.


What’s more, you can communicate with your vendors right on the platform. In this way, all the communications are in one location, and you can easily refer to previous ones whenever you need to. The same also applies to your staff.

Ease of Staff Productivity

A guest-centric property management system takes a load off your staff’s shoulders. Staff productivity gets a much-needed boost by shedding off some of the menial tasks they would have otherwise been doing manually.

The software automate recurring communication such as payment reminders, surveys, stay details, task completion confirmation, and more. With the addition of cloud storage, you can easily access lease agreements, messages, and emails.

rental property management software

Overall, the system helps to improve and increase the efficiency of your staff, as well as the quality of back-and-forth messaging. It is also easier to track communications as conversations are siloed .


The arrival of guest-centric corporate housing software counts as one of the greatest blessings in this field. The automation of various tasks has made the work of your staff more straightforward. That’s why, Zenya, has come up with guest-centric PMS that provides top-of-the-range corporate housing solutions.

With our software, you can say goodbye to repetitive tasks and say hello to unparalleled efficiency. Your staff will absolutely appreciate how the new system eases their burden and releases more of your time, so you can spend it on what matters most; positive guest interactions.

As if that is not enough, your guests will appreciate the kind of corporate housing setup you have in place. The ability to check themselves in, book amenities or go through other services you offer, all without engaging anyone at the front desk, adds up as a revolutionary feature on your part.

All of these attributes lead to an excellent guest experience that your patrons will hold dear.
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