The short-term rental industry has seen an increase in tech-savvy guests. These guests often look for on-demand responses that allow them to be self-sufficient. In response to this demand, these rentals have embraced digital concierge to increase their customer experiences.

A digital concierge can offer a first-class experience from booking to post-stay as well as delights guests. This digital tool enables guests to be doubt-free by helping them confirm their bookings and getting the check-in details without making a call to front desk. Your guest can access property info, how-to guides on utilities, request services, check-out policy, local attractions, etc. right at their fingertips.

Keep reading to find out how digital concierges can impact your business

Why Should Short Term Rentals Opt For Digital Guest Concierge?

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Improves Guest Experience

A digital concierge is a technology specifically tailored to increase guests’ experiences by assisting them in different areas. The goal is to be a go-to source for guests that need information on your rental property. A digital concierge will help these guests get this information in a convenient, interactive, and helpful way.

Guests need faster service and quick responses to their queries. They also need the best restaurant, local attractions, and entertainment recommendations tailored to their taste. This will be important in helping them plan their itinerary. Having a digital concierge in place ensures you engage guests with the urgency and accuracy they require.
A digital concierge will improve guests’ experience through seamless and uncomplicated interactions.

Eliminates Repetitive Tasks

A digital concierge relieve teams from undertaking repetitive tasks. Your staff will not have to share check-in information, welcome messages or property information manually. This is because all information on utilities, nearby restaurants, or laundry services is in the concierge.

By taking over the repetitive work, these concierges assist workers in paying attention to more activities requiring human attention.

Provides Real-Time Responses

Digital concierges allows guests responses in real-time by transferring the guests requests to concerned departments immediately. The guest can easily place requests in a few clicks. For example guest can request an extra pillow or ask for Wi-Fi password, or raise complain about a leaking tap in their rooms in few taps. These requests can be easily directed to the concerned departments like housekeeping, maintenance, front desk. It not only saves time but also assures guests that you are working on their requests.

Promotion of Services

One of a digital concierge’s most recognizable advantages is its ability to promote services uniquely. It enhances the guest experience by offering exclusive services, added amenities, or extra housekeeping services. You can easily showcase range of services or various packages such as gourmet or gadget packages and so. All these are only a few clicks away!
In summary, it is an excellent way of upselling and promoting your onsite amenities.

Top 5 Ways in Which Digital Concierge Can Improve Guest Experience

Digital concierge can improve your guests’ experiences in various ways. They include:

digital concierge

Helping guests’ with self-check-in and guest arrival prep-up process

Offer your guests a self-check-in service whenever they are and select their preferred arrival time. Based on given information, your staff can prepare for guest arrival in advance.

Your digital concierge can provide self-check- in details or information on transportation & local attraction, or on how to operate different appliances, preferred amenities

Offering guests with information on the property at any time

Your concierge may offer information on your premises. This may include parking details, arrival time, departure date, available amenities, etc. Other information you can offer includes the nearest restaurants and entertainment spots.

Allowing guests to request services any time of day with a click

Zenya concierge simplifies the way your guests used to request services. Your guests will be able to choose services with a single click at their preferred time.

Enabling guests to request an extended stay

Suppose your guest wishes to stay longer- they do not need to make calls or text. They only need to choose a new date they wish to leave, and it is done! Your staff will get a notification immediately and make the necessary changes.

Let videos do the talking

Running through the list of instructions or recommendations can be exhausting for guests. The concierge helps by allowing video embeds that make it easy to understand the user manual.

What To Look For in a Digital Concierge

An ideal digital concierge is an excellent choice to offer your guests a safe, efficient, and enhanced experience. You can offer your guests the latest experience technologies.

Below are some aspects to consider when investing in a digital concierge

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As your portfolio grows, a proper digital concierge should be able to manage guest requests from multiple locations. It should respond to increasing guest requests in real-time, saving a lot of admin time.
Some questions you should ask here include: Does it allows all-in-one communication in real-time? Does it relives team of repetitive tasks and increases guest satisfaction.

Easy to use

The concierge should also require minimal coaching to institute and use. It should be easily understood so that guests can request services, and amenities or get any information without making a phone call. It shouldn’t be complicated and involves a lot of steps. Otherwise, your staff would feel it as an extra task that adds to their already busy schedule.

Consolidation With Property Management Software

Effective digital concierges should be able to communicate with Property management software easily. Property management software that comes with a digital concierge ensures more accuracy in the tracking of data. In turn, this assists managers in analyzing information as soon as it occurs and avoids potential problems that may arise due to ineffective communication amongst employees.
Digital concierges will help you gather more information about your guests’ stays and what they prefer. This can impact future business transactions. Proper digital concierges provide combined information on guests’ behavior and property operations.

Do You Need Help With Your Digital Concierge?

If you need an efficient digital concierge, Zenya is your ideal choice. Zenya is a rental property management software that will help you take the guest experience to the next level.

 With Zenya, there will be no App downloads or waiting for a phone call to be informed. Your guests only need to click on a link to get into their customized digital concierge. This will make them request amenities and services or access instant information on local attractions from anywhere.

Allow your guests to access information and request anything with a single click. Furthermore, ensure that your guests stay delighted during their entire stay using a simple and user-friendly digital concierge. Contact us now and book a demo for free!

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