A year ago, no one imagined how the housing industry would be turned upside down, especially the short-term rental market.

Multi-family housing had been experiencing year-over-year growth and traction from millennials who demanded state-of-the-art technology and amenities; while the corporate housing and business travellers were accustomed to the traditional ways and services. Moving forward, 2021 requires forward thinking and technology to stay competitive. One key component is a dynamic reservation widget for website to make instant reservations.

With the rising number of options and guest expectations, and hyper-personalization – there is growing pressure for property managers like you to create revenue streams that increase occupancy. Operating with leaner staff, makes it even more challenging to the meet the most modern standards expected today.

It comes as no surprise online users expect to make their reservations and purchasers on their own with little or no interaction. So how can this tool increase your profits? Cutting out the extra costs and commissions associated with OTA bookings means a lower charge for your guest, a greater personal experience which likely leads to repeat guests.

What exactly is a reservation widget for website?

A reservation widget is a live interactive tool on your website that can be added with a single line of code. As the name suggests, direct reservations are made without the help of OTAs or other sales channels.

With Zenya’s direct reservation widget for website, reserving or booking one of your units becomes super-easy and super-fast. From showcasing live availability options and pricing, optional services, and amenities to allowing your future guest to select an exact rental. With a few clicks your guest can complete the entire process without downloading or printing. They can fill out the application, select their rental unit, review and sign the agreement, and pay from any device within minutes. It’s that simple!

rental reservation widget

Is a live rental reservation widget worth spending your time on?

There are so many benefits to having a live rental reservation widget on your website.



Save Money on Every Reservation

Incorporating a live reservation widget for website instead of using OTA’s to share your inventory saves money on every reservation by eliminating paying those fees. It doesn’t require a great deal of tech expertise or complicated paperwork. With Zenya, you can have yours fully operational within minutes; a single line a code is all that’s required.


Lower Prices Encourage More Sales

Your guests can enjoy the same services and amenities at a lower cost through your website than if they reserved it on another site.


Frees Your Staff To Focus More On Guest Engagement

Your guests can easily view available units and current pricing and reserve online.  This not only saves your guests time – it frees your staff from attending phone inquiries. As a rental manager, you have a list of tasks on your plate. Automating reservations can have a huge impact on the way you manage your business. Besides, eliminating thirty party suppliers offers time to deliver personalized relationships with guests. The reservation widget also allows the guest to contact you for specific requests that can be addressed in real-time.

Builds Guest Loyalty & Retention

Another benefit of an online rental reservation widget is return customer reservations. When your guest interacts with your website, they pass on valuable information which can be used for building long-term relationships with them. You can retarget them with special discounts, directly communicate with them on new amenities, and build a repeat clientele.


Redirect Monies Saved By Adding Property Enhancements

You can invest your commission fee savings into the property adding advanced tech gadgets, or other amenities revealing an even better guest experience for your guests.

Short-term rental providers can leverage their website with a LIVE inventory and reservation option so you won’t miss out on any future clients. By offering access to your properties and your partners in real-time, you can capture and shorten the sales cycle.


Turn your Website into A Sales Machine with Zenya


Promote your company and available rental units directly on your website with our live rental reservation widget. Let Zenya orchestrate your website into an additional revenue stream while you focus on providing the exceptional service your clients have grown accustomed to.