Handling everything that goes into rental property management on your own takes a lot of work and time. You always feel you are short of time. And you end up being stressed out easily. One can think of how much struggle peak season puts on property managers and owners. From tracking and responding to lead, taking care of maintenance requests, sending invoices timely to assigning tasks to your staff and vendors- there is a lot to do. This requires you to look out for efficient, time-saving yet simple ways that you can be implemented at every stage of the property management cycle. You get time to focus on what matters most for your business — growing your business and modernized guest experience. Check out these time-saving property management tips that reduce your steps in managing your rental business to almost half.

5 Must-have property management tips
that increases your efficiency in 2022


1.) Going paperless is not enough

 Manually entering guest details, collecting payments from drop-boxes, or scanning checks is often time-consuming and frustrating. Manual operations slow down the process and often leads to payment delinquency.

But when you go paperless, you can easily manage multiple units remotely.

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Now that you have gotten rid of filing cabinets in the office. Your guest details, financials, and maintenance request are somewhere stored in the spreadsheet. Does it mean you are all set?

Just having spreadsheets won’t solve the problem. It is more about choosing the right systems that work for you.

Ask yourself, how many hours you have wasted on exporting guest details, accounting info, and putting it together on a single spreadsheet? It is not only a time-taking process but also leaves room for error which can cost you dearly.

To get the work done correctly and efficiently, you need to have all the information funneled into one system. Zenya, a rental property management software, moves all the information and workflows – be it accounting, maintenance requests, or new booking payments — to one cloud-based system.


2.) Automate everything — from move-in to move-out process

If you have not yet automated property management processes, you are far behind the competition. Your rental business has a higher tendency to miss opportunities to expand the market share.

From attending phone calls, filling out a lease agreement, adding charges in real-time to maintenance requests – everything looks like a never-ending task. It keeps your staff busy throughout the day & robs your staff from focussing on growing your rental business and providing a personalized guest experience. 

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With 100+ configurable automation workflows, Zenya software puts all these routine manual tasks on autopilot mode. You can easily automate the entire workflow to send messages, task delegation, transactions, surveys, etc.

You can even customize these workflows and easily automate the on-boarding process, invoicing process, payment collection process, move–out process, and so. The best part is it can be deployed in a single click and does not require coding expertise to set up.

3.) Look out for a single solution that manages everything from one place

Whether you are managing a single property or looking after multiple properties, there are many things to deal with. From promoting your property, being available for guests’ requests 24X7, or delegating tasks to your staff – you need to have an efficient system to get the work done on time.

Different & disconnected systems are often inefficient and leave room for duplicate tasks, data errors, and a lack of visibility.

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Comprehensive corporate housing software like Zenya integrates and links different systems so that you can do everything from one place. A centralized property management system streamlines the process and helps you focus on growing your business. Now you don’t have to log into different systems at different stages of renting your corporate housing business.

4.) Provide self-service experience to your guests

The short term rental business is continuously evolving. Not to forget, pandemic has already accelerated the adoption of a few technologies.

New technology has enabled a convenient lifestyle where the guest wants to take control of the stay. The rising popularity of self-service experience lies in the fact that it is not only convenient but consistent and fast too. It gives them an experience of modernized guest experience.

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Furthermore, a guest wants all the information on their fingertips.

With Zenya mobile concierge, guests can access amenities and place requests with a few clicks. By selecting a preferred option, the software automatically places a request. No phone calls or writing emails or sending messages. Guests can easily get the necessary information on parking or pet or stay details or videos on how to set a wi-fi password.

5.) Work on Simplifying User Experience

Are you planning to buy property management software for your rental business? Or already using one. It is necessary to evaluate and ensure that your software is user-friendly, seamless, and intuitive. Make sure you are not wasting time on training and hiring more staff.

Remember to work on your business, not in the business.

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That’s the reason why ease of use and accessibility, makes the software even more desirable and enhance productivity. Be it data migration or on-boarding and implementation, a customer support system plays a vital role in the smoothest transition.

Corporate housing industry is continuously evolving and there is always room for more efficiency. These property management tips will help you focus on your day to day operations and help you figure out areas where you could save time by streamlining processes.


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