With a new year comes a clean slate – adopting new technologies  like property management automation can help deliver better services to your residents. But the demand for high customer service and unending maintenance requests from your residents hasn’t subsided. COVID-19 has made all of it more difficult. Deep budget cuts still linger and the long- term rental market has been forced to work with a significantly reduced staff.


To succeed in the most uncertain times and stay ahead of local competition, it’s important to know how to do more with less. With automation in property management, you can plan everything that needs to be done and focus on bigger goals for the upcoming new year. You can leverage your customer service to retain your residents and shorten the vacancy cycle by customizing your workload within your property management software.

Workflow Automation for Property Managers helps you manage your rental business almost effortlessly.

In challenging times is it possible to provide 24/7 service?

Operations tasks can be streamlined by the workflow automation technology. All the monotonous and mundane yet crucial tasks can be automated freeing up valuable time to help you stay organized. Think of all the necessary daily duties like posting charges, late fees reminders, rent collection. All of these can be automated with the right Property Management Software.

Here’s why it makes sense to streamline your rental business.


1. You Can Efficiently Manage Maintenance Tasks

There are many benefits of Property Management automation capabilities. With limited staff and required social distance rules in place, it is difficult to deliver every service in real-time.
Online property management software like Zenya can help you provide a smoother resident journey. It is not only convenient and saves time but also reduces the possibility of missed services. Tenants and staff can communicate 24/7/365 through email, text message, or call alerting the required department or assigned staff and recording all transactions in the system.

Property Management Automation

You Can Schedule Recurring Items
Whether it’s landscaping, snow removal or routine HVAC, maintenance tasks that require regular service can be scheduled. You can schedule the date for the recurring task every month or let the tasks trigger an alert to staff based on previous task completion.

Tracking Task from Creation to Completion Gets Easier
It gets easier to manage tasks if you can track when the task is performed and by whom and by which department. This helps you know which tasks are completed, work-in-progress tasks, and which are resolved.

You Can Prioritize Your Task and Set Alerts Easily
If your resident requests task which requires immediate action, you can avoid being interrupted. You can prioritize your task and delegate it to staff and vendors. Real-time pings are sent to them with a push notification, email, SMS text, or all of the above.

Single Dashboard Gives a Bird’s Eye View
You can manage tasks’ status by the department at a single location or multiple locations. Access all tasks that still need to be done directly from the dashboard. Additional features like sharing documents, notes, checklists, or attaching videos and images of the task completed or in-progress can significantly improve efficiencies.

Instead of juggling multiple duties and staff you can supercharge your operations with automation in property management to save time, labor cost and enhance the resident experience.

2. Structure Payments and Invoicing by Automating

Now more than ever it is important to regulate payments through secure online technology. However, it is equally important to automate invoicing and payments collection. From scheduling invoices to setting recurring payments, sending receipts, and reminders for late payments; saves you manual hours, and lower your labor costs.

Property Management Automation

There are No Missed Invoices and Eventually Encourages Timely Payments
What does your workday look like? Does it consist of manual data entry, creating invoices, charge posting, thus keeping you busy the entire day? Property management softwares like Zenya provides features like tracking, generating, and scheduling your invoices. Schedule your invoices on a weekly or monthly basis saving you time and the need to remember those routine tasks.

Easily Automates Your Charges
You can set rules and schedule your charges. Automation software allows you to customize the charges that can be easily added to invoices based on the resident.

Automate Payment Reminders
You might be trying to manage a list of priorities to run your property. Rent collection, late-payment tracking and payment reminders are always at the top to ensure a steady stream of cashflow. Automating these time-consuming jobs can reduce your stress and workload because you won’t have to remember to send invoices. You can set a timely reminder to the late payers and greatly improve delinquency rates.

3. Contactless Communication Provides Highly Personalized Interaction Even With Limited Staff

With social distancing protocols contactless communication is gaining a lot of popularity. Automation doesn’t mean less interaction with residents, it simply means the requests and communication takes a virtual route. It is particularly beneficial when you are working with less staff members. You are actually in constant contact with residents giving them a completely personalized resident experience.

Property Management Automation

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