Whether you are managing single or multi-property, property maintenance is vital for upkeep of the property. It results in greater customer satisfaction, reduces the risk of property injuries, and increases value of your property by differentiating your property with competitors. No matter how good plumbing or HVAC system or hot water heaters you have, they require routine maintenance. But without a proper maintenance plan, wear and tear often gets unnoticed and results in costly damage. It’s no surprise, property owners or managers blame guests for maintenance and repair.

In this blog, you will get to know the need to have property maintenance plan in place, useful tips, and how you can streamline and automate property maintenance. You can easily save time for scaling your short term rental business.

Why you need to have property maintenance plan in place?

Well maintained property is the wish of every guest. But upkeep of property is challenging and time sapping. A robust maintenance plan can mitigate the risk and help you take preventive measures on time.

A well-planned maintenance plan helps you


Increase Your Rental Property Value

Timely maintenance results in less wear and tear and holds value of the property in market. It also gives edge over your competitors when it comes to attracting guests.


Enhance Guest Experience

Good maintenance system enhances guest experience. When buildings, appliances, utilities are clean and in good condition, guests are not only satisfied but also give positive reviews about the property. And it results in more occupancy and repeat guests.


Lowers Cost

A well thought property maintenance plan saves you from potential risks like injuries from falling building materials or fires hazards from poorly wired lighting. It helps you avoid costly insurance premiums, or negative reviews. It extends the life of appliances and saves time from manually keeping a record of maintenance due dates.


Saves Time

An efficient property maintenance system, streamlines the process. Operations work like delegating work orders and tracking the progress, notifications of maintenance due date or communicating with guest and vendors in real-time—all gets automated.

Tips to provide outstanding property maintenance service at ease

Having a maintenance plan is not enough. It has to be executed properly and on time. From communicating with owners, responding to guest’s request, delegating work orders to vendors or tasks to staff, there is lot to be taken care of. That’s why we bring you tips that will help you stay on top of the schedule and provide property maintenance service.


Timely respond to guest maintenance request

In this digital era, no one likes to wait. Responding to guest request on time is crucial for guest satisfaction. For this you need to have an efficient maintenance system that allows you to communicate with your guests 24×7 from anywhere. Guest can raise an issue anytime which can be seen by concerned staff or vendor. Guest can also see the status of their request anytime.


Regular property inspections and routine maintenance:

Regular property inspections helps you catch the small but necessary repairs which can turn into big problem which might cost you fortune eventually. Based on these inspections findings, you can schedule preventive maintenance task that needs to be carried out on specific intervals like monthly, bi-yearly, or annually.


Automate regular maintenance tasks:

It is important that you don’t miss out on due dates of reqular maintenance tasks. You can easily automate & schedule these with property management software and save time on to and fro of documents.

Why do you need a property management maintenance software?

Property management and maintenance go hand-in-hand. When you are managing properties at multiple locations or managing single property with lean staff, you can’t just survive on excel sheet to take notes on important issues. It also gets difficult to prioritize the urgent requests in real-time like a plumbing leak that floods your unit at odd hours. With property management maintenance software like Zenya, guest can create request using built-in message templates that gets directed to concerned staff or department.

You can set the priority of the task as urgent within the PMS. No phone calls or emails, everything is taken care of automatically. Staff can also reply to guest on the issues in real-time, assuring them their request has been heard. It lowers the time it takes to respond and resolve issues.

Property manager can also keep track of maintenance requests of multi-property from one location. All the information can be monitored and tracked from Zenya Dashboard. It allows you to update or change request from the comfort of mobile app.

Routine maintenance tasks can be easily automated within Zenya software with few clicks. 100+ prebuilt and customizable workflow templates makes it super simple. It allows you create, prioritize and automate tasks when a defined trigger is met.

Maintenance is vital to keep your property in good shape. It lowers risk and results in satisfied customer. Routine maintenance tasks request can be effortless when you have property management maintenance software by your side that allows you create work orders, see guest requests in real-time and automate routine tasks.

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