Running short-term rental properties requires time, effort, and precision. With post-pandemic economic turmoil, rising costs, and competitors adopting new technology – owner & property managers are under cash flow pressure.

One has to constantly look for new clients and market business. The right technology can be helpful. But it should not be just limited or focussed on optimizing the operations. For adding more doors & more bookings your business needs to be visible and stand out from the rest.

Most under-rated digital presence can come as an economical way to market your property and ease the pain of property managers. That’s why, for selling the experience of living to tech-savvy guests, property managers & owners have started exploring online marketing strategies for short-term rental business. Be it increasing a property’s brand presence, penetrating new markets, generating leads, or increasing your revenue – online marketing strategies for short-term rental properties can prove to be an effective solution..

Top Online Marketing Strategies for Short-Term Rental Business in 2023

1. Make the best use of your website

Are you leaving your website to the wayside and only relying on OTAs for new bookings? Then you are not only sharing a major portion of your revenue with the third-party booking sites but leaving money on the table that can come from your website.

A visually attractive, informative & mobile-friendly website having properties photos, stand’s out among the competition. It increases website traffic, gives more visibility, and establishes authority.

Online Marketing Strategies for Short-Term Rental Business

A website should have all the information your guests need. Besides being visually attractive, having the functionality to search properties, showing their availability, and allowing to book a property in real time can shorten the booking process. Zenya’s booking engine provides the fastest way to turn your website into a revenue-generating engine with a single line of code. With integrated background checks and custom quotes — you can complete the booking process in under 5 minutes.
Chat functionality on the website fixes leads leakage and allows communication and nurturing leads.

Don’t leave website visitors untouched. Explore its potential by sending a direct mailbox to all those who are visiting your website with IP targeting. It just requires uploading the scrapped prospect data fetched from US tax records or list brokers to IP targeting software. All those IP addresses which match with website visitors, can be sent direct mail.

2. Give SEO edge to property listing

An attractive website, an amazing listing of properties, best service — everything looks perfect. But are prospects finding you when they search for short-term rental property business on google? Your website might get masked under paid ads or optimized competitor’s websites.

Creating a website is important, so is optimizing your website. You require effective SEO strategies for listing properties. Select proper keywords or search terms that your client would be looking for in google with the help of SEO tools like Ahrefs, and Semrush.

Online Marketing Strategies for Short-Term Rental Business

Optimize your website with an attention-grabbing headline of properties in the SEO title or meta-description. Further, focus on building backlinks from high-quality websites. This will increase your website’s authority and visibility in SERPs, making it easier for prospects to find your properties online.

Whether peak season is arriving or scaling to new rental markets, higher visibility brings prospects to your property listing pages. Listing properties is no more a time-sapping process. Zenya allows multiple inventory listings in seconds without manually cutting, copying, and pasting. Just select, click, and get an identical property page from in seconds. It also allows you to bulk update the rates of properties.


3. Business listings for local reach

If you are starting your fully furnished rental business or expanding to new market, promoting your business to local clients would be rewarding. For this, you require to create Google+ business page which will help you rank in local area.

Creating a business page is free and does not require much time. You can fill company’s information, popular properties photos and info, highlights of the property, working days and time. You can rank effectively in local SEO with accurate info.

Positive customer reviews on google my business page, generate more leads for your business.

Online Marketing Strategies for Short-Term Rental Business

4. Increase visibility of your property with paid ADS

Paid advertising is the quick way to bring potential guests to your website. When done strategically, it results in quick conversion. If you want visibility for your new rental business or want more leads from existing business – it can prove to be an effective tool.

For maximum ROI from the paid ads, you need to stand out from rest. Find relevant keyword & create keyword-specific targeted ad, satisfying to corporate housing owner or guest’s intent. It also requires effective landing page with high quality photos, rental price, pet policy, videos tours, highlighting exclusive or popular amenities.

After you have sent emails to the pool of captured leads from other sources, you can still leverage the leads. You can upload the lead list for running list based retargeting display ads & capture more leads.

5. Leverage your social media presence

In digital era, it is important to engage with your potential customers. Social media is an effective to generate leads and penetrate to new markets. You can leverage it to promote properties, new amenities, discount offers.

You can also drive traffic to website with informational content like apartment living tips, how to keep your pets comfortable in corporate housing, how to prepare for extended stay trip & so.

Online Marketing Strategies for Short-Term Rental Business

Further, it is also important to understand which social platforms your guests hang-out frequently. Easiest way is to check out competitors, as they have researched well. Look out for channels they are using to engage with clients and make a strategic plan for posting. Paid social campaigns are helpful if you want to run special offers or want to add more doors during peak season.


6. Boost customer loyalty with email marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to communicate and build customer loyalty. Even after guests move-out, you can send sales quotes, property updates, promote new amenities or information about upcoming deals by sending emails.

Easily boost your referral programs by sending emails and let your guests do the leg work. But one must not overload guests with frequent emails, or they could mark your emails as spam.

Rental property management softwares like Zenya provides you with built-in CRM and allows you send emails from anywhere, anytime. It has all the leads information stored from all channels. Just select the email template, customize (if needed),click and send email to guests.

It also allows you to automate these emails by setting up the trigger & creating workflows. In addition, it tracks and takes your leads to the bottom of the funnel, converting cold leads to hot leads with automated emails.




Effective online marketing strategies for short-term rental business does not require a huge marketing budget and can result in positive cash. When done the right way, it results in significant traffic and customer leads.