As a property manager or owner, your biggest nightmare seems to be maintenance requests. Especially, when it comes at the most inconvenient times and requires immediate attention. Worst of all, it gets unmanageable when you are flooded with maintenance requests across multiple properties during peak season.

Have you ever thought about how much time you lose before you can respond to a maintenance request? Or how to lower the time it takes to manage maintenance requests around the clock? You can easily handle these issues promptly and correctly when you digitalize & automate the maintenance process.

With Zenya online maintenance workflow automation you can streamline processes and save enough time so that your team can focus on growing business.

Growing need to digitalize maintenance requests

Until the pandemic outbreak, digitalization of processes was kept on the back burner. But the spurt in digitalization followed by automation of maintenance workflows was seen soon after. Corporate housing providers saw it as a tool to lower costs and manage operations with limited staff.

When you are managing a single property, you can effortlessly track maintenance requests and respond to queries with a phone call or text. But it doesn’t work when you have a larger portfolio spread across multiple locations. It gets difficult to manage multiple requests. You might even end spending hours prioritizing work, sending it right department in real-time, and tracking the progress of work. Assuring guests that their request is being heard, is yet another challenge.

Additionally, there is regular maintenance that needs to be taken care of. Often it gets unnoticed when you are swamped with guests requests. It might turn out to be costly without preventive maintenance.

That’s why you need to have a centralized and organized system in place to get things rolling.

Often reducing maintenance costs is associated with decreasing safety or service delivery at large. But with the right corporate housing software, you can still handle maintenance requests efficiently and delight your guests. All you need is to provide extra time planning, scheduling, and automating work orders.

Online maintenance workflow automation boosts efficiency and visibility

Maintenance is a time-sapping and cumbersome process when you have to manually take guest requests and assign work orders. With limited staff and little transparency, it can be a nightmare for your team. Maintenance workflow automation simplifies work by addressing requests at all hours of the day and delights your guest with instant response.

Zenya’s online maintenance workflow automation does the work for you and makes it super-easy. Unlike the paper-based method, your team does not have to go back and forth between a leasing office or maintenance area to access information for a new arrival. You can access the information from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Be it a daily housekeeping checklist to cleaning work-order issued when a guest has move-out, efficiency increases many folds.

A smarter way to digitalize & automate maintenance requests with Zenya

With a mobile guest concierge, your guest can easily raise maintenance requests with just one click. They can also take pictures of a leaking tap or flooded kitchen and send the request. Staff gets the request with complete details on their mobile app. The team doesn’t have to wait for a work order even if it is generated at midnight. Work order is automatically created and assigned. A confirmation message is automatically sent when the task is completed.

Not only this, you can prioritize your maintenance task and track the status of the work from anywhere. Everyone knows what needs to be done without even a phone call. And creates transparency amongst various departments.

All you need to create a workflow and automate it. In Zenya, short term rental property management, you can choose from a pre-built workflow template, message template and if you think you need to add any extra step, you can also customize these templates. The next step is to define the trigger and you are all set for automating maintenance workflow.

Maintenance workflow automation creates a win-win situation for both guests and your staff. Your staff has to make less effort addressing maintenance requests. Property management automation not only eliminates stress but your staff now have more time to focus on what matters most to your business. On other hand, guests are satisfied with instant responses, request being acted on time, and emergencies being handled in a more organized way.

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