The corporate housing market is rapidly moving towards digitalization especially after the unpredictable covid-19 outbreak. It has changed how property managers used to work and shifted from what is normal to what is next. It’s no surprise growing use of smartphones & tablets has largely contributed towards digitalization & streamlined the entire operations process from on-boarding to move-out. Besides, it provides luxury and unique experiences to the guests, anywhere, anytime. It has touched every aspect of the rental business and digitalization of the leasing documentation and process is no exception.

Digital leasing fills in the cracks between documentation and approval. It is quicker, convenient, and shortens the on-boarding process. It gives a modernized way to the leasing documentation process and removes the conventional and cumbersome process.

Need To Digitalize Your
Lease Agreement Process

Have you ever calculated how much time you have spent on paperwork, like faxing, signing, and mailing lease agreements to your guests? Nevertheless to say, a to and fro of follow-ups emails and sending the final agreement gets quite frustrating at times.

That’s why shortening the lease processing cycle, speeding the on-boarding process, and automating the time-consuming lease process have occupied the property manager’s mind for a long time. Managers want to give their guests a frictionless online experience at every step of the process.

leasing documentation

From finding corporate housing rental of their choice to filling out and having an application accepted to making payments. Using technology to offer that seamless experience will be critical.

Property management software’s like Zenya streamlines the entire lease process. It simplifies guests’ on-boarding journey and ensures the proper information is passed on to the owner. Now your staff gets more quality time to serve your guest.

What happens when leasing documentation and process goes digital?


It shortens your lease processing cycle by facilitating the guest on-boarding process, filling vacancies faster with no delays or complications.


It is accessible 24/7. As all lease agreements are stored on-cloud, these documents can be accessed anytime and ensure secure storage and accessibility.


You don’t need to chase paperwork. Taking the leasing process online encourage paperless communication and saves considerable time on printing, scanning, and snail-mailing important documents to your guests and owners


You can automate all the guest-staff communication throughout the leasing process.


Guests can sign the lease agreement from anywhere and anytime with the e-signature capability.


Renew lease agreement easily. You can update agreement terms online anytime or make corrections and get guest’s e-signature and you are all set.

Does automating the leasing documentation and process helps?

When you automate, you are reducing the cost of manual effort that goes into every process of leasing. With manual effort, you are not even sure of accuracy, efficiency and can’t track the process.

From the moment, guests select the preferred property, fill in payments details to start the lease documentation process, all can be completely automated for property managers.

With Zenya, you can automate all the guest-staff communication that is required in the leasing process.

leasing documentation

Like you can create a workflow to.

That’s the scope of leasing automation.

How does the online leasing process work?

Whether you manage a single property or multi-property business, you can save considerable time and reduce the overall cost of paper, postage, and travel cost.

ZENYA makes it digital, faster, simpler, and paperless

When the guest selects property & makes a payment, the guest automatically gets an email on signing the lease agreement. If the guest doesn’t sign in 24 hours, an automated reminder email or sms is sent to guest. No to and fro of emails are required. Guest can sign the agreement electronically and send it to you. Signing and collecting an agreement is no long a time-consuming process.

Guest gets an email to download the final lease agreement

What’s more, in Zenya you can always find the lease agreement at later date by looking into the guest message journey.

The online leasing process does not have to be a cumbersome process with Zenya.

Want to digitize your lease agreement process?