Every business comes with a few challenges. In the hotel business, these challenges are almost all related to labor shortage, increasing revenue, and enhancing guest experience amidst shifting guest expectations and stiff competition. However, innovative solutions can help you avoid these hotel-challenges and allows you to function with a leaner staff, more efficient use of resources, and create happier guests at the same time.

In this light, it’s no surprise that a hotel Property Management System (PMS) can empower a hotel to help you overcome these challenges for a more successful hospitality operation. Today, we’re here to talk not just about what a PMS can do for you (your hotel probably already has one) but also about how the latest mobile and cloud-enabled PMS technology can knock these hotel-challenges out of the park.

1) Labor Shortage & Increasing Labor Costs

Despite the travel demand on rise & hotel occupancy at peak, hospitality venues are among the most likely to struggle when short-staffed. Further rising labor costs, overburdened staff, and longer staff training have a direct impact on the hotel’s bottom line and guest experience.

Fortunately, where human effort is short, technology can step in. A more automated workflow in your hotel can reduce the number of staff you need to provide intuitive, responsive, and high-quality guest experiences. Hotels can unburden staff by investing in a PMS solution that can attend to guests and coordinate tasks in real-time using mobile and cloud-based software.

Why keep using a clunky old system that requires extra training and constant interaction when you could have a PMS that smoothly operates both internal operations and guest requests for you?
In addition to increasing staff efficiency, automation and mobile accessibility can also increase staff retention by making the job of hospitality easier and more rewarding for each person.

Smart automation makes daily tasks and communication easier. Zenya smart workflow automation is one step ahead, It’s smooth, easy-to-use interface, pre-built & customizable workflows, and message templates can reduce staff training time by nearly half while boosting productivity with streamlined operations.

2) Maximize & Explore Revenue Streams with Cloud Technology

A modern PMS manages more than just your property. As the “central brain” for your hotel, your PMS can act as a central repository for guest profiles, stay details, invoices, and their amenity preferences. This allows you to create a unified vision and monetize every stage of the guest journey.

Customizing a guest’s digital experience with your hotel generates incredible opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell in ways that your guests will love. A cloud-based hotel PMS solution allows you to use guest information in a way that can automate hyper-personalized messaging using email, SMS, and app offers.

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Offer package deals or mid-stay opportunities that are too good to pass up like a higher room category, extra services, rooms with special features, or on-site service add-ons that make every stay more luxurious (and profitable) than the last. Through personalization, guests will be happy to spend more because your PMS has arranged for a royal treatment each will individually love.

 3) Improve Guest Experience with a Leaner Staff

Contactless hospitality tech has also made it easier to provide superior guest experiences with a much smaller staff. When you free your staff from routine work like front desk tasks and sending regular communication, they get more time to deliver a guest experience that is an exception.

Consider the benefit of a simple mobile concierge. Give guests the ability to tailor their stay in the palm of their hand. If a guest wants room service, extra towels, or to book for a hotel spa, these arrangements are scheduled with just a few taps in their app instead of calling down or waiting at the front desk. In addition, you can also customize the concierge using company logos, and property image and highlights preferred guest’s amenities using Zenya mobile concierge.

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You can also take guest experience to next level with contactless check-in. Your guests gets the flexibility to check-in from anywhere and can easily avoid front- desk queues. Hotel management softwares like Zenya, automates the check-in communication, sending check-in form 3 days prior to arrival and send the guest with complete stay details.

Managing tasks, gets lot easier with mobile & cloud PMS. You can assign and monitor tasks on the go with ease using calender view dashboard. This gets handy when you manage multiple properties remotely. Your staff gets alerted of new task in real-time and this tremendously reduce the turn-around time and results in happy guests.

Overcoming  hotel-challenges with mobile concierge, self check-in, and managing tasks on the go together can free your staff from hours of time spent at the desk and handling communications with guests – while making your limited staff more available to provide swift and responsive service as directed by their own mobile app.

4) Be Proactive Against Data Security Challenges

Lastly, guest information privacy has always been of paramount importance in hotel management. It is one of the most pressing hotel-challenges. A hotelier would never dream of revealing the identity of a guest, their payment information, or their room number to an unknown party. However, cybersecurity has made this a more challenging standard to maintain.

The possibility of data leaks and virus attacks of confidential guest information like credit card details,can be devastating to a hotel, and the more primitive your data systems, the more vulnerable they can be. You cannot just rely on excel sheets or registers for storage of guest’s data.

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Modern hotels now rely on the latest security solutions for Cloud based PMS to secure their guest’s PII (Personal Identifiable Information), especially when documents need to be safely shared without exposing the information to hacker interference. Zenya software have understood the property managers and owners pain points and allows you share documents with external guests, vendors and clients securely, without any data leak.

By upgrading your PMS, you make it possible to upgrade the way your hotel handles data security and how you protect each guest’s confidentiality.

Empower your hotel with cloud & mobile PMS solutions & avoid top hotel-challenges in 2023

Every hotelier knows that upgrades are a natural part of providing the best possible guest experience and that technology is the key to streamlining the capabilities of your staff & avoiding top hotel-challenges. It’s time to leverage technology to increase hotel revenue, boost guest experience and enhance hotel operations.

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