Industry veterans and property managers have been talking about increasing opportunities for the short-term rental market in 2021.

However, the real challenge lies in how to cash in these opportunities before it withers. Unconventional methods won’t help you to grow your business. Does your corporate housing solution allows secure and efficient way to accept online payments?

No doubt, pandemic has changed the way corporate housing work and operate. As a busy property manager, there’s a lot to keep track of, including the services used by your guests. It can be time-consuming to make sure nothing is missed. So how can you effectively track and record all of the guest’s costs?

That’s why you need to say “YES” to online payment.

The success of the short-term rental industry also depends on a secure and efficient online payment system. Whether it’s receiving or sending payments, online payments benefits you and your guests, both. You can streamline your entire process from start to finish. Your staff doesn’t have to manually create delinquency reports and physically track down guests who hadn’t paid.

Furthermore, collecting payments from drop-boxes, manually scanning checks, reconciling with the bank, and then uploading the paperwork into an audit tracker is time-consuming and frustrating. Bringing accounts payable and receivable online and automating the payments processes, saves you abundant time for providing quality services to your guests. Digitalization provides a modernized experience to your guests avoiding late payments, and limits in-person interactions.

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Even if you are managing multiple units remotely, you can have an accurate and complete record of accounts through statements, balance sheets, and rent rolls using the online payment process provided by corporate housing solution providers. Now you can expand your portfolio without worrying about audits.

 No wonder, property management companies have seen the difference in adopting Zenya’s online payments.

Here’s how owners and property managers are benefited from Zenya, a online corporate housing solution.

Online payments get a lot easier with Zenya. Tailored for corporate housing providers, Zenya’s online scheduling and payment system can improve collecting monthly payments, eliminate bank runs, and add convenience for guests and staff.

Monthly Payments Get Faster

Guests have the convenience of making payments online from anywhere, at anytime. It gives the flexibility to pay charges via e-check, credit/debit card, or ACH/bank drafts. It reduces risk and provides extra security when payments are made with a secure platform.


Automates Invoicing And Payments Processes

Automating recurring invoices and charges eliminates the need to manually enter the same information each month. No more double posting or any potentially missed invoice posting. You can generate, track, and schedule your invoices regularly saving the need to remember routine tasks. Any service charge can be automatically added to the invoice. It brings everything to one place, no manual entries, filing cabinets, scanning, and paper receipts. Zenya keeps all the systems in sync by reconciliation across the system.


Integrates With Your Existing Accounting System

Zenya can sync your invoices and payment to QuickBooks or with your existing accounting package automatically.


Online Payment Integration

Zenya can integrate with online payment portals like stripe that assure secure and compliant payment. Customers can safely and instantly pay from their laptop or phone.


Get Actionable Insights on Financial Health

With online payment histories, your team can identify trends such as late payment frequency or payment type preferences. This helps you to make future strategies for your business.

What all things property managers should think before finalizing payment solution

If you are managing a corporate housing that accepts direct reservations you need to have a reliable payment solution of your own.
But before you finalize one for your temporary housing business you need to consider the following points:



Complicated payment system is the biggest turn-off for your potential guests. Why leave any chance of potential revenue? A quick, simple, and tech-forward procedure not only encourages purchases but also delights tech-savvy guests.


It is the foremost thing for an efficient online payment procedure. When your guests enter their bank or credit card information, a secure and protected payment gateway takes out any confusion and avoids any fraudulence. Your guest makes the payment with confidence and boost your revenue.

Integration Capability

 You need to ensure  whether it easily integrates with your existing software. It will save you ample time if it integrates with most of the payment gateways like stripe. 


Mobile Friendly

Tech-savvy guests have growing demand and inclination for smartphones. They prefer to plan and book directly from their smartphones. Therefore, it is important to have an online payment system that can be accessed from a mobile phone. Your guests no longer have to wait until they are at their computers to make payments. Mobile-friendly online payment systems give the flexibility to makes payments from anywhere and at any time.

Property management companies are now relying on Zenya to run their business.


With Zenya, setting up online payments is quick and easy. It helps corporate housing businesses to streamline their businesses, increase occupancy and provide a modernized guest experience.
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