Most often short-term rentals owners and property managers like you focus and spend a majority of the time pre-booking inquiries or doing guests’ background check, or taking care of guest requests during their stay.

You build strategies to streamline the check-in process and improvise first interaction with your guests. On the flip side, being engrossed in these procedures you tend to overlook and put check-outs procedures on back burner. Little you would have thought, managing check-outs efficiently can be profitable for your rental business in the long run.

Why do you need to streamline the check-outs process for your short-term rental property

The check-outs process is as important as check-in. When it is streamlined and managed efficiently, it results in positive feedback, and repeat guests and your property is ready for the next guest stay. Furthermore, a solid robust check-out checklist will reduce admin tasks and secure the financial health of the short-term rental business. It will keep a record of all the guest charges, and any wear and tear beyond normal and smoothen the guest departure process.

How automation can help in bringing efficiency to the move-out process

Preparations for guest departure start well in advance before the actual check outs. From sending check-out instructions, lease expiration reminders, move–out inspection tasks to creating check-out invoice – there are a lot of tasks that needs to be carried out. It is manageable if you have a few doors. But it gets gruelling when you have many doors to manage which are spread across multiple locations.


Automating the rental property check-outs procedure makes it simple. You can remotely manage the check-outs with efficiency. You don’t have to flip through the pages or juggle excel sheets to keep track of lease expiration date. You no longer have to write the check-our instructions with guest details and instructions. Your staff gets to know when to do check-out inspections. Final invoices are automatically sent on the due date with all the charges, leaving no room for missed add-ons or expenses.

Some of the rental property management software like Zenya have kept in mind all the hassles a property manager goes through during this process and have come up with automating most of the check-out-related tasks. It allows customizing the process by setting the rule of sending the instructions, and invoices or allowing custom messages like payment reminders, lease expiration or so.

Ways to streamline the check-outs procedures


Automate Move-Out Inspection

A streamlined and efficient inspection avoids disputes and conflict with guests. From broken light fixtures or broken vases, being a property manager you always need to look out for any neglectful damage. Imagine you found a damaged window covering after the guest moves out and pre-maturely released the security deposit. It would be a real struggle to claim extra payment from guests. You might end up losing your money to fix these damages. That’s why a timely move-out inspection is important. But with so many properties to manage, you might miss out on sending the move-out inspection checklist to your team on time.

To solve last-minute hassle, property management software like Zenya automatically sends this checklist to concerned staff a few days before lease expiration. The staff gets notified on the mobile app, works on it, and updates the status of the inspection.

You can easily get to know the damage beyond normal wear and tear or violation of stay rules if any. Before finalizing the check our process, you can charge the guest or deduct the security deposit before it gets late.

Keep Track of Missed Expenses & Add-ons

Extra services and add-ons are additional revenue streams for your short-term rental business. Even though you have collected full payment before guest arrival, you may need to charge additional expenses before check out. From supplying groceries on arrival, an exclusive housekeeping services to pet fees — you need to keep a track of all the additional services and expenses. It has to be added to the final invoice before the check-out.

With so much on the plate, manual creating and tracking these charges is time-consuming and often leads to missed charges. Zenya creates charges for all these add-ons services and expenses in real-time. All the charges get automatically added to the final checkout invoice and leave no room for error or missed charges.


Timely Sending Messages — check-outs instructions, NTV, lease expiration reminder

When you automate the check-out procedure, you can save time to focus more on growing your rental business. Be it sending check-out instructions, lease expiration, or notice to vacate message to guests—all these small steps when added consume most of your time. You can’t afford to miss the deadline to send instructions. It can not only delay check out but may also affect the new arrival.

With Zenya’s pre-built templates, you can easily create and schedule these messages. You just need to select the message template, set the rule for sending, and it will be automatically sent to guests before the lease expiratio

Automating Check-outs Invoices

Before you send check-outs invoices to your guests, it is important to ensure it has complete details of the incurred expenses. For example, if you are charging for abroken vase or pet food, or late check-out, all the minute details should be mentioned in the invoice. It is not only necessary for smooth check-out but also gives clarity and instills guest trust.

Easier said than done. As you scale, recording all the minute details gets cumbersome when you rely on excel sheets. Automating the invoicing process with Zenya smoothens the process and makes it efficient. Final check-out invoices with all add-on charges are automatically sent to guests before the lease expiration date. Zenya has the flexibility to set the rule for sending the invoice. Pre-built invoice message templates with guest details, and text, makes the process even quicker.With Zenya’s pre-built templates, you can easily create and schedule these messages. You just need to select the message template, set the rule for sending, and it will be automatically sent to guests before the lease expiration.

Managing and efficiently operating check-out procedures is vital for your rental business. Putting most of the check-outs tasks on autopilot gives you more time to scale your rental business.

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