The corporate housing rental business has a lot of moving parts. It is complicated and by the time you think you have excelled, it evolves. Whether you are an individual owner renting a single unit or a property manager managing multiple units, there are many things to manage. From listing a property, marketing and leasing your property, having real-time communication with your guests, maintaining property, delegating tasks to staff to error-free handing of accounting, the list goes on….

But if are planning to acquire more properties, you’ll find it hard to manage all these disparate aspects’ needs. Moving forward, it’s not easy to meet changing guest expectations and their desire for smart amenities along with rising competition. Scaling your portfolio and making it occupancy full, would gradually require you to invest in the right corporate housing software.

Take Stress Out Of Accounting System

Scaling your temporary housing business is in your mind?
As you add in more properties, you have to deal with invoicing and payment collection. It gets cumbersome to handle lots of excel spreadsheets, sticky notes, notepads. Creating invoices on time; calculating taxes by state, county; sending it to guests for payments; payments follows-ups and at last reconciliation to Quickbooks — a lot of man-hours is required and still chances of errors are high.

Perhaps, moving from paper to online payment mode or working on excel or QuickBooks will help you solve a part of your problem. But having an integrated accounting solution will help you.

In Zenya, it starts right when a reservation is made and the lease signed, followed by an invoice creation on the preferred date and time with automatic tax calculation. It is automatically sent to the customer on due date. You don’t have to remember dates. Customers can make payments online via the link or gets automatically charged through saved credit cards. Even if you are using your accounting system like Quickbooks, these invoices easily sync into it and all payments get reconciled.

Modernize Guest Experience

Have you ever thought about how the smart amenities are related to guests’ satisfaction, their comfort, and their perception of the service quality? Guest have a growing inclination towards smartphones, smart amenities that act as prime differentiators for your rental business. It impacts guest experience in a big way and reaches out to them, in the way they want.

In Zenya, your guests have their customized guest portal, wherein they can access stay details; know available amenities like parking, spa; request services. They can access and reply from anywhere using a browser or mobile app.

They can also use their mobile phones to make payments through credit cards or debit cards or e-check, or bank drafts. It’s that easy.

It’s important to know what your guests feel about your services before, during, and after day. Zenya, your short-term rental manager, eliminates the need for say every week survey request emails by automating and scheduling these.

Reimagine Operations with Short Term Rental Property Management

No one likes to wait. So is true for your guests. While raising a service request, they want to be heard in real-time and get the problem solved. But it gets stressful if you have to attend mid-night calls and delegating it to your team. Interfering with your work-life balance.

Zenya mobile app makes it super easy and super-fast. It is so convenient and super-friendly that your guest can easily submit a maintenance request along with the picture.

Say if the shower is broken, or the bathroom is flooded; they can easily click a picture and send it through app. It not only saves time explaining the problem but helps you in prioritizing the task. Request automatically gets sent to required department with a confirmation once the task is completed. No to and to of emails or phone calls.

Whether it is a service request or a recurring maintenance task, it has to be delegated at right time to avoid costly consequences. Zenya, property management rental software, makes it effortless wherein you can have a single task view of multiple properties from one place. You can monitor, track and delegate tasks anytime. Imagine having dinner with your family or working remotely, you still control the management of your rental business. You carry with you all the Zenya functionality on your mobile.

Marketing & Scaling Your rental Business with Corporate Housing Software

Can you imagine building an impressive portfolio can be as easy as few clicks? Turning your website into a booking platform can save you from sharing your hard-earned profit with third-party booking sites.

In today’s era, a guest who enquires about reservations wants an instant response from you. It’s kind of being all available for your guests, 24x7 availability. But you would not like to disrupt your work-life balance, picking up midnight calls. Neither you would like your guest to reach out to your competitor.

Keeping this in mind, Zenya has created a complete booking solution, from booking to move-in. Your guests can jump into your website; enter the state, city, and room type, select the rental looking at room or building pictures and make online payments. Book it or share the booking link with a family member. Once booked, all you need is to e-signing your online leasing agreement and download it. Get contactless virtual check-in and collect keys on arrival.

You can also showcase your partner’s inventory with real-time price sync. Think of the immense opportunities you get to monetize inventories that you don’t even own.

Integrate and Link All Different Pieces

It is a daunting task when you have to think about all the little different aspects of renting your corporate housing business. If you are managing everything yourself, without any property management software, you need to switch between systems and often face real-time sync issues. Visibility is also a major problem when you are handling so many different systems. Nevertheless, duplication of work is seen.

Zenya, online corporate housing software cut it short for you. It enhances your efficiency to almost 50%. No need to go in and identify different integrations. No jumping from one system to another. Zenya has linked it all for you. You get all different pieces in one place. Now you get more time to focus on delivering your end customer desires.

From QuickBooks integrations to stripe integration to email integrations for marketing— you get everything in one place.

Scaling your property using the right corporate housing  software holds the key to distinguish your services from your competitors. It is not only efficient, saves time, reduces labor cost but also provides a modern guest experience to your guests. You just have to look into the software which is user-friendly, mobile, and easy to install.