Convert Your Website Into A Sales Booking Machine With A Single Line of Code

Boosting Sales is Challenging for Companies in Today’s Environment

Finding new revenue streams can be really hard. Customer preferences have changed over time making it even harder to do business the way you always have. We all are looking for an opportunity to tap into new dividends.

When you need transportation do you call a cab service in town or use Uber or Lyft?

You are spending resources to get your prospects to visit your website but there isn’t any actionable information for them to complete their booking without calling you. You can bring additional earnings without over working your sales team.

online reservation platform

Building Revenue Without Adding People is Best ROI for Your Business



Adding top line revenue and increased ROI to your website investment is almost a straightforward decision for any leader to add the Zenya sales widget to their organization


Direct Booking = Less Commision

By working with the customer directly, you can expect an increase in profit margin by 20-50%


Sales Efficiency

Your sales team will feel like heros as everyone enjoys the ease of use

online reservation platform

Is Zenya Online Reservation Platform Easy to Install?

With a single line of code, Zenya can convert your website into a live sales booking machine.

When a prospect comes to your website, they can conduct a search by location and unit type, review building and unit amenities including pictures. Your prospect can choose to book instantly, select optional services (housekeeping, pet, etc), safely and securely make payment via credit card or invoice, and electronically sign the lease agreement completing the reservation process. Your future guests have the option to reserve or “request to book” if a unit is not immediately available.

online reservation platform

Questions – FAQ



How Much Does It Cost?

Based on the size of the organization, the Zenya online reservation platform can be installed to your website starting at $250 per month. Price does vary based on the number of active units in the system.


We Don't Have an IT Department

All of the work is performed by the Zenya Team. You do not need any developers or IT resources. The Zenya team will be doing all the heavy lifting.


We Already Have a Reservation System

You can continue using your existing reservation software. Zenya can integrate with most RMS systems by performing a live sync between them. There will just be a one-time integration cost.

Zenya’s complete system offers many features such as contactless solution, customizable workflows for automating various routine tasks, website booking and marketing opportunities, automating charges, scheduling invoices, customizable reporting, and integration with several software solutions, and data export capabilities.

If you want to know more about What Zenya Can Do And What Your Current PMS Cannot, contact one of our ZENYA EXPERTS

No Credit Card. No Download. No Strings Attached.