Maximize ROI using direct booking

Tips and strategies for attracting more business travellers for corporate rentals with direct bookings

Earlier, a quick way to get bookings is to rely on third-party booking side, where corporate rentals providers & managers don’t have to involve in marketing the properties. Despite the benefits of OTA booking, corporate housing providers are now giving a second thought and considering direct booking.

One of the significant turnarounds came due to Covid infestation. Drop in demand, shrinking profits, over saturation of even the new property management market – have contributed to looking out for allied booking channels –where they would have more money and have more control over inventory booking and guest communication.

In addition, OTA’s have lately increased the commission and shrunk the corporate rentals revenue significantly. Providers also struggled to build strong relationships with guests as OTA’s were in front and limited their interaction with guests. Be it cancellation policies, discount offers, or promoting your fully furnished rentals properties, OTA offers limited control over these platforms.

Providers now realize the opportunity to make more money when guest books are direct.

In this e-book, we bring you ways to increase direct booking, increasing revenue while having more control over bookings and guest communications.

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In this e-book, you will learn

Rise of direct booking & why you need to have your own direct bookings website

How to get started with direct booking instantly with few codes, without investing much on time and money

Strategies to drive guests towards direct booking websites through attractive website, SEO optimization, marketing campaigns, discount schemes & customer service.

Benefits of direct bookings to boost revenue and how it helps grow a corporate rentals business