Know what’s happening 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Zenya give you the ability to manage every single one of your properties through a single system.

Not interested in our Team Management? Learn how our Targeted Marketing product can help!

Targeted Marketing

Team Management

It is very difficult to coordinate hundreds of tasks across multiple hotels, and multiple departments within each hotel. You want to be on top of everything with spreadsheets and emails, and hate it when any task gets lost in the ongoing communication.

Zenya gives you a 360-degree view of all your properties and all of your tasks on each property. You can organize the tasks by departments and develop insights for each hotel in your portfolio. With the security features in Zenya, users can be notified about the task assigned to them or within their department. As the task status changes, all the responsible members of the task are notified.


  • Your staff will be ready to answer any request which comes their way as all the information across each hotel will be in a single system
  • You know what’s going on with your staff and your guests 24/7 for each and every property

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Communication is buried under a chain of emails, resulting in lost productivity.

Automatically alerting the assigned requests to specific departments, members or groups, produces a higher level of guest satisfaction. Our push app notification provides seamless communication, making it impossible to miss or forget a guest request.


  • Decreases the delivery time for any service request leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • All staff communication occurs on a single system, leading to higher engagement and lower lost communication
  • Centralized lines of communication, allows all required staff to stay up to date on tasks and responsibilities

Visibility into each hotel experience happens on weekly timelines with subjective information. You don’t know what is happening on your properties without having to manually generate reports from each properties database and software systems.

Viewing your company’s dashboard in a holistic manner gives management real time insights and important analytics to improve future operations.


  • A 360-degree view on the entire operation generates amazing insights for future improvements
  • “Peaks and valleys” in the operation can be managed with fewer resources
  • Information is stored in a single system eliminating needs for manual reporting

How do you go about figuring out each department’s strengths and weaknesses?

Learn how long it takes to clean each room based on room type and staff member with a simple start and stop button. Document an evaluation for each task upon completion to generate valuable insight to improve your operations.


  • Make important operational decisions based on real-time task completion time vs. expected time
  • Evaluation of your staff is no longer subjective but rather factual data
  • Reports are done in minutes and not days

Targeted Marketing

It is close to impossible to personalize each guest experience with a limited budget and limited resources. 

Our artificial intelligence system identifies the specific audience to tailor your targeted marketing campaigns, specialized offers and personalized events to.


  • Increases ancillary revenue with data you have already gathered
  • Personalizing offers can happen on both hotel or corporate marketing teams

Effective and proven revenue generation using blast email campaigns.

Zenya is flexible enough that you can create customized audiences for offers using our tagging system from your central location or hotel staff location.


  • Generate revenue with proven email campaigns
  • Single corporate management marketing can plan and manage email campaigns in a single platform without requiring to move data across different systems.