Demystifying Workflow Automation for 2021

A Comprehensive Guide for Property Managers

2020 brought increased government regulations, slowed operations due to lockdown, and new cleaning protocols – all have hit property managers hard. You might have to reassess your budgets in 2021 as a significant amount of time and cost would be allocated to maintenance and general cleaning–with no workflow automation for property managers. In addition, keeping your staff productive and satisfied during a pandemic time is yet another big challenge. With a cash flow crunch everywhere increasing revenue can seem impossible.


Against this backdrop your To Do list shouldn’t include managing applications, websites, and spreadsheets. Manual processes are often inefficient; impossible to track, neither scalable nor repeatable, and can expose your business to unnecessary risks.

Is your property management software providing any automation capabilities?How simplified is your workflow automation for property managers? Are you able to effectively utilize the automation functionality of your property management software? If you are able to automate — rent collection, lease rate calculation, resident on-boarding process, routine maintenance, or able to automate your charges and accomplish lead to move-in automation – then you can see a drastic increase in efficiency and productivity.

Workflow Automation for Property Managers

Demystifying Workflow Automation for 2021- A Comprehensive Guide for Property Managers covers details on:

What is Workflow Automation and What Does it Mean for a Property Management Business?

Automation: What It Is and What It Isn’t

Is Your Team Ready For Workflow Automation?

Growth Of The Real Estate Software Market

Why You Need It

Which Property Management Processes Can Be Automated 

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Workflow Automation for Property Managers