Today’s hotel guests are more demanding than ever, hotels are rapidly adopting strategies to discover and meet every guest need. Consider the experience a guest has from booking to check-in. As it stands right now, a guest will receive a confirmation email upon booking. Between this point and check-in, the only interaction with your hotel that the guest will have comes in the form of a phone call if the guest decides to make one. As you may have guessed, there’s a big gap in most hotel’s pre-arrival guest experience; Guest Engagement.

The problem is that most hotels believe all they have to do in terms of providing an engaging guest experience is to wait for them to initiate an interaction. While that used to be the case, and might still be with an older set of customers, it simply isn’t enough for a growing segment of the population who are digitally savvy. Airbnb’s digital experience is a great example of guest engagement. All the way from booking to post-stay, guests are given access to a powerful digital platform that intuitively delivers communications both to and from the host. In addition, this digital platform connects them with a range of amenities, local area information, and feedback options. Digitally savvy guests are completely enthralled with this aspect of the Airbnb experience! Excellent guest engagement incorporates mobile technology as part of the entire experience.

As a hotelier, you might see technology as a headache and an added expense, and maybe at best you begrudgingly purchase technology just to keep up with the competition. This attitude is what has set the groundwork for Airbnb’s rapid ascent and takeover of the market share you once had. By not adopting new technology, you miss out on three key benefits:

1- The opportunity to create a personal relationship with the guest before they even step foot in the door.

2- The opportunity to customize the guest’s stay to precisely fit their needs, resulting in increased loyalty.

3- The chance to up-sell the guest at an intuitive point during the stay and set the stage for future in-stay upgrades.

Zenya provides a unique way for your guests to interact with your hotel. No download, no googling, no picking up the phone and no unnecessary time spent researching. Without your guests even asking for it, everything your guests could possibly need or want to know about your hotel is provided to them right on their mobile devices – and if they have a question about something that can’t be answered with the information already provided, all they need to do is click on the chat bubble and ask away!