Don’t be just another noise to your guest!

Zenya’s personalization engine will create memorable moments with your guest whether it be during their stay or in a future email campaign.

Learn about the benefits our Targeted Marketing product can bring specifically for your company!

Luxury Hotel Resorts
Management Companies
Temporary Housing
Create guest segments

Automatically track guests using their demographic and behavior data

Give your guests a “WOW” moment instantaneously

Personalize your guests stay within minutes and without any IT involvement (repeat guests, weddings, Business meetings, etc.)

Generate behavior driven emails and marketing campaigns

Define targeted audience without any technical expertise.

Your marketing staff wants to personalize each and every guest stay,but given the complexity and cost it takes to target each guest- there is no simple solution.

Increase revenue

You can target your guest during stay with special offers to generate additional revenue or post stay with targeted email marketing.

Increase guest loyalty

You can leverage guest knowledge to continuously improve your loyalty program.

Marketing gets a seat

Win over your guests by personalizing their stay within minutes and without any IT involvement e.g Repeat guests, Weddings, business meetings, etc.