Guest experience is key, yet communication is hard!

Zenya helps you engage your guests throughout their stay while simplifying your team management across multiple locations.

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Team Management
Targeted Marketing
Team Management
Targeted Marketing

Guest Experience

It is challenging to proactively communicate with your guests when you don’t have an easy way to do so.

Automated streamline communication starts from before your guests arrival to post checkout, without your staff lifting a finger. You can give them the option to make any pre-arrival requests, alert them when their room is ready, ask them how their stay is once they have checked into their room and thank them for staying after they have checked out.


  • Your company will stand out as an innovative leader in the industry
  • Lowers the work burden on your staff
  • Standardizes guest communication
  • Creates multiple touch points with guests
  • Distinguishes your company from the competitors by showing that you are in the business of hospitality and not just renting rooms

Most of the key communication happens at an inconvenient time for both the parties, staff are available during regular hours while guest are free after work hours. As a result, guests often end up speaking with an off-hour support member who may not able to assist them with their request right away, leading to unnecessary delay.

Real-time communication (SMS,Chat) can be used from anytime and anyplace. Your guest can chat with your staff at their own convenience. Your guests will feel satisfied, knowing there is an open communication channel available twenty-four seven.


  • Interaction is simple and immediate
  • Guests receive a higher level of service from your staff regardless of their location and time and without additional staff costs
  • Real-time feedback from guest

Staying in a new location is always a stressful experience for guests because they are not familiar with the area. At the same time, managing and sharing personalized information for a variety of apartments in different cities and locations makes it difficult to personalize each guest experience.

You can provide each and every guest with specific details about their location, amenities (grocery, dry cleaning, etc.) and local area information (events, restaurants, shows, etc.) throughout their journey, so your guests will feel right at home before they even arrive!


  • Your company will provide a “peace of mind” to your clients who are relocating
  • Makes it easy for your guest to access information
  • Reduces work for staff by giving guests easy access to information
  • Makes guest experience unique by personalizing all details of their stay

On average 36% of corporate guests face an issue during their stay, resulting in a suboptimal experience.

With our proactive satisfaction messaging, we give your guests easy and seamless communication channels, so you can collect and fix issues before they leave.


  • Makes your guest happier by showing interest in what they want during their stay
  • Prevents and fixes any issue that occur during their stay
  • Eliminating negative reviews increases tripadvisor ratings which directly increases your revenue

Team Management

It is impossible to keep your staff up to date with guest requests using sticky notes and emails. Remembering and keeping track of information about your guests is hard to do when you don’t have a reliable system that makes it easy to capture significant data. 

You can view every task for all of your properties and assign each task to a specific person or department in order to manage your peaks and valleys of your business. Now, issues are resolved easily, with all staff having 24/7 visibility across the guest journey.


  • Your staff will be ready to answer any request which comes their way, as all the information across the hotel will be in a single system
  • You know what’s going on with your staff and your guests 24/7 for each and every property

Having multiple properties in different parts of the city means you have different service teams managing each location. This makes for a very complex operation, resulting in difficulties completing guest requests in a timely manner.

Automatically assigning requests to specific departments, members or groups provides a higher level of guest satisfaction. Our chat app push notifications provide seamless communication, making it impossible to miss or forget a guest request.


  • Decreases the delivery time for any service request leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Reduces the amount of work staff have to do to communicate within their team and across the organization
  • All the communication occurs on a single system, leading to higher engagement and lower miscommunications

Viewing each task at each location in a timely manner is challenging. Very rarely are you able to oversee the process of completing a task from start to finish. 

Viewing your company’s dashboard in a holistic manner on a single screen for each location or across the portfolio by each department, gives management insights to improve future operations.


  • Having a 360 degree view on the entire operation, generates amazing insights for future improvements
  • “Peaks and valleys” in the operation can be managed with fewer resources

Creating a client report requires information from multiple systems for either one or all of your properties, which can take hours to generate. 

You can now support your promise of a “high level of service” and build your customer relationship with client reports, satisfaction scores and response times all accessed and viewed from one single system.


  • Quick decision making leads to a higher revenue profit

It’s hard to figure out each department’s strengths and weaknesses?

Learn how long it takes to complete each task with a simple start and stop button. Document an evaluation for each task upon completion to generate valuable insights to improve your operation.


  • Make important operational decisions based on real-time task completion time vs. expected time
  • Evaluation of your staff is no longer subjective but rather factual data
  • Reports are done in minutes and not days

Targeted Marketing

It is impossible to make capital investments for ever growing guest needs.

Connect your property with local companies such as, restaurants, spas and more. Expose your guests to the best businesses in the local area, giving them the opportunity to book directly.


  • By connecting guests with local area resources, your property can provide enhanced guest experiences without any capital cost
  • You will generate revenue from partnerships

Encouraging guests to share positive feedback produces minimal results, as well as making it even harder to build a social media audience.

Satisfied guests are encouraged to share their experience on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter and Google with just a single click during their stay and after their stay.


  • Your online ratings and overall scores will increase, bringing in revenue
  • You will build an engaging audience for future marketing