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Customers are choosing Airbnb for their experience because guests have more options now than ever before and as a hotel- you do not want to be left behind.

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Team Management
Targeted Marketing
Team Management
Targeted Marketing

Guest Experience

Your guests expect a perfect experience, but it’s hard to give them that when they only engage with your staff for a few minutes.

Automated streamline communication starts from before your guests arrival to post checkout, without your staff lifting a finger. You can give them the option to make any pre-arrival requests, alert them when their room is ready, ask them how their stay is once they have checked into their room and thank them for staying after they have checked out.


  • Your company will stand out as an innovative leader in the industry
  • Lowers the work burden on your staff
  • Standardizes guest communication
  • Creates multiple touch points with guests
  • Distinguishes your company from the competitors by showing that you are in the business of hospitality and not just renting rooms

With your current channel of communication, you are unable to listen to your guests needs, as they do not always choose to communicate with you. 

Without having to download an app, Zenya gives your staff and your guests the power to communicate with each other from pre-arrival to post stay from anywhere at any time. Now, your guests will feel satisfied, knowing there is an open communication channel available twenty-four seven.


  • Guests receive a higher level of service from your staff regardless of their location and time and without additional staff costs
  • Your staff will receive real-time feedback from your guests
  • Interaction is simple, quick and immediate

Each guest has their own needs and interests. Even with the ability to find out what they like or are interested in, it is hard to convey all of that information without having your staff members sound like “car salesmen”. As information changes on a daily basis, being able to consistently distribute it in real-time is challenging.

You can provide your guests with specific details about your hotels amenities and surrounding areas (happy hours, dining options, events, shows, etc.) throughout their journey so your guests will know everything before they arrive.


  • Makes it easy for guests to access information
  • Reduce work for staff by giving guest easy access to information
  • Make guest experiences unique by personalizing all detailed information
  • Distribute updated information (Daily specials, Spa discounts) in real-time

Most of the feedback you receive from your guests happens after they have already checked out, when it’s too late.

With our proactive satisfaction messaging, we give your guests easy and seamless communication channels, so we can collect and fix issues before they leave.


  • Makes your guest happier by showing interest in what they want during their stay
  • Prevents and fixes any issue that occur during their stay
  • Eliminating negative reviews increases tripadvisor ratings which directly increases your revenue

Team Management

It is hard to manage your staff workload, task status and have transparency across multiple departments .

You can view every task for your hotel and assign each task to a specific person or department in order to manage your peaks and valleys of your business. Now, issues are resolved easily, with all staff having 24/7 visibility across the guest journey.


  • Your staff will be ready to answer any requests which comes their way as all the information across the hotel will be in a single system
  • You know what’s going on with your staff and your guests 24/7 for each and every property

Think about how you communicate with your friends and family. Your staffs ability to communicate is restricted to old ways of interacting, leading to a delay in completing tasks, inefficient operations and higher costs.

Automatically assigning tasks to specific departments, members or groups provides a higher level of guest satisfaction. Our chat app push notifications provides seamless communication, making it impossible to miss or forget a guest requests.


  • Decreasing the delivery time for any service request leads to a higher customer satisfaction rate
  • All communication occurs on a single system, leading to an increased amount of guest engagement and a lower amount of lost guest engagement
  • Centralized lines of communication allows all required staff to stay up to date on tasks and responsibilities
  • Bringing efficiency to your operation leads to a higher cost saving for your business

Lack of real-time information leads to operational inefficiencies. The way your hotel keeps track of internal operations is through checking daily reports and routines at the end of the day or week without knowing the real-time status of a task.

You can now support your promise of a “high level of service” and build your customer relationships with client reports, satisfaction scores, response times and other key metrics all accessed and viewed from one single system.


  • Quick decision making leads to a higher revenue profit

 It takes time and resources to get information from various systems in order to organize and use in a meaningful way. 

Viewing your company’s dashboard in a holistic manner gives management real time insights and important analytics to improve future operations.


  • A 360-degree view on your entire operation generates amazing insights for future improvements
  • “Peaks and valleys” in the operation can be managed with fewer resources

It’s hard to figure out each department’s strengths and weaknesses.

Learn how long it takes to complete each task with a simple start and stop button. Document an evaluation for each task upon completion to generate valuable insights to improve your operation.


  • Make important operational decisions based on real-time task completion time vs. expected time
  • Evaluation of your staff is no longer subjective but rather factual data
  • Reports are done in minutes and not days

Targeted Marketing

It is hard to create special moments with your guest.

Our labeling system identifies the specific audience to tailor your targeted marketing campaigns, specialized offers and personalized events.


  • Increases ancillary revenue with data you have already gathered
  • Proactively understand your current and future guests needs to create tailored offers

Current direct booking initiatives do not have a high level success. 

Once a guest has checked out, they are encouraged to share their positive reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook and twitter, increasing your company’s audience and direct bookings.

Imagine being able to target your OTA guests and give them an OTA special incentive to book directly with you! Guests can directly book their next stay making the process easier and quicker.


    • Authentic user generated content increases company’s social presence and improves brand value
    • Increases revenue with more direct bookings
  • Increases conversion of your one- time OTA guests to repeat direct guests

It is impossible to make capital investments for ever growing guest needs. 

Hotels connect local companies such as, restaurants, spas and more, so guests are exposed to the best businesses in the local area and are able to book directly with them.


  • By connecting guests with local area resources, hotels can provide enhanced guest experiences without any capital cost
  • You will generate revenue from partnerships

More than 99% of your satisfied guests, don’t end up sharing their experience on external websites. 

Satisfied guests are encouraged to share their experience on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter and Google with just a single click during their stay and after their stay.


  • Your online ratings and overall scores will increase- bringing in revenue
  • You will build an engaging audience for future marketing

Creating guest loyalty is not easy!

Zenya identifies a one-time guest who is more likely to become a repeat guest and provides them with personalized specials and offers after checkout so they can make themselves a repeat guest.


  • Makes the process to convert simple for the guest
  • Targets the right guests
  • Customizes information for each type of guest